Bruce Wayne vs. Dwight Schrute

What do you do when the burglar alarm at your office goes off repeatedly throughout the night?

In our case, you sleep soundly since the police kept calling Brian,the other agent on the office lease. Then you laugh hysterically at how little sleep Brian must have gotten last night. Because I’m mean like that.

Of course, that doesn’t change the fact that Sean and Brian had to go into the office this morning not knowing why the darn alarm kept sounding. This is what they found:


In case you are wondering, that would be a bat hanging by his little tippy-toes from the window casing. Who the heck knows how he got in there, but I’m guessing he was pretty darn tired after a night of flying through the alarm trips. Not to mention hungry–there isn’t really any insect action going on in the insurance office (unless you want to count some credit roaches, but even a bat has better taste than that…). I suppose that is why he was so PO’d when Sean tried to catch and liberate him.

For the record, if a bat starts bearing fangs and hissing at me, I’m calling animal control–not going after him with an empty pretzel barrel.


Yes, in the end, he was captured and put in a tree. Hopefully, he won’t return (because no one has a clue how he got there in the first place…). For that matter, let’s hope he wasn’t rabid (in addition to PO’d) and waiting to attack them when they leave this evening. And, of course, let’s hope that W’s wrong and he is not, in fact, a “grampire” (but if he is, Elaine, I’ll let you know).

Anyhow, the bat is free. Order has been restored.

But I will spend the rest of my day imagining my husband’s morning looking something like this:



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8 responses to “Bruce Wayne vs. Dwight Schrute

  1. Cindy

    Isn’t the new Twilight movie coming out this weekend…..maybe it is Edward. He had better not hut that bat or there will be lots of angry women.

  2. No, it’s the next Twilight BOOK that is coming out this weekend (I know this because my sister is coming down so she can buy it at midnight from a decent bookstore). The movie comes out is December (sadly, I know THIS because that is when my sister will finally allow her husband to cut his hair back into his preferred style, as opposed to the Edward Cullin/Jordan Knight coiffe his is currently sporting at her insistence).

  3. Ooops, I mean Cullen. Heaven help me if I spell it wrong.

  4. You have now compared me to a sissy New Kid on the Block that is a new low even for you. Matt

  5. No, I have compared your hair to the New Kids. And it isn’t the first time–I mentioned it on Elaine’s blog, too, when she first started making you grow it out. Although, really, you haven’t hit that point yet. It is the kid who plays Edward in the movie who really looks like a boy bander–you aren’t quite there.

  6. Wow… that’s bizarre! Just another day at the office???

  7. I am nearly 34 I am unlikely to every look like a boy bander.

  8. I take it you haven’t heard the new song that the New Kids just released. They are reuniting. And they have to be at least as old as you are.

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