Planning My Investment Portfolio

I’ve been thinking, and I need to start investing for my children’s futures.

I’m thinking that bubble wrap, kevlar, and flame-retardant material would be good places to start.

Seriously, I was already considering using our frequent nickname for W~ on the blog instead of his initial (but haven’t since I don’t have nicknames for the other kids and don’t want to be unfair, even though they have no clue this blog exists). Sorry–tangent.

So, I’ve been thinking of referring to W~ as “Frat Boy,” since he is frequently referred to as such around here, given his amazing ability to make “interesting” choices that put him in serious bodily peril. But, after today, I’m beginning to wonder if I don’t have another frat boy in training.

Oh heavens, please, no.

It started this morning when the three mobile children decided to go out and play on our tire swing (my life is so Norman Rockwell that it is disgusting). Within a few minutes, W~ was back inside.

“Uh, mom, why is Daddy’s grill smoking?”

Well, now, that’s a great question.

I went outside and confirmed that, yes, there was smoke coming out of our grill. Specifically, it was coming out of the burner on the side of our grill, which was turned to “high.” And, from what I was able to piece together, it would appear that two-year-old C~ was the one who somehow managed to fire it up.


Everyone came inside because, hello, small children and a hot grill. I didn’t feel like standing there to make sure no one burned his fingers off. The kids went into the basement to play and watch t.v.

Later, as I was making lunch, N~ came running up the step.

“Mommy! C’s hurt! The t.v. fell on him!”

I ran down the steps, horrible thoughts of the rather large television laying on my small child. When I got to the bottom, W~ was holding the television up while C~ crawled out from underneath–unharmed.  Apparently, C~ decided to climb the t.v. (why???) and it fell off of the very stable t.v. stand. The bottom stayed up on the stand. Luckily, the kids had been playing on rocking horses in front of the t.v. and it looked like they broke the fall. I don’t think the t.v. ever actually landed on C~, just kind of trapped him between it and the t.v. stand.


Can I just say how impressed I was with N~ and W~ though? They reacted perfectly. N~ ran for me while W~ held the t.v. up. That part still just amazes me. I mean, that t.v. was heavy for me to lift back up. How the heck was my three-year-old holding it??? The kid is a tank.

Please tell me this happens to other people’s kids, too. I write this stuff and think that you will all read and think that I’m some spaced-out, neglectful mother. I swear, I’m not! If anything, I get accused of being too protective.

And then I see kids running around whose parents really are totally spaced out. And I genuinely wonder how so many of them make it to adulthood.



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3 responses to “Planning My Investment Portfolio

  1. Wow! I can completely relate. It’s unbelievable to me how quickly a couple of toddlers left alone for even a few minutes can wreak total havoc! Remember the frosting incident??? And no, you’re absolutely a neglectful mother… we can’t possibly be expected to watch these kids every second of every day! Luckily, like you pointed out in one of your previous blogs… you have angels watching over your kids. How reassuring… especially with all those adventurous and lively boys!!

  2. mamalutz

    Oh girl you are so not alone in that one! I don’t have enough time and strong enough hands to type how much my kids have done or gotten into the minute I turn my back! 🙂

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