Twilight Fright

It is just past 10:30 pm, and my husband just came home.

No, he wasn’t working late into the evening. Actually, he came home from work a little early today since things were slow at the office and our large yard needed mowing. Everything was going great until right around 9:00. That is when Sean informed me that he was going back to the office. Because the alarm was going off. Again.

He called me on his way home to let me know that, after shooting some pictures while screaming like a girl, he decided that he would rather turn off the alarm and deal with the problem in the morning. In the daylight. When they might be a little less, um, active.

He’s still traumatized from having seen Kujo as a young child.




No, that isn’t the same bat in two different locations. He walked into a dark office with two bats. Two bats that will still be there in the morning.

They called their assistant to let her know the bats are there. She said she’d be in at nine in the morning with brooms.

Sean and Brian are thinking about coming in at ten.


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One response to “Twilight Fright

  1. Lilola

    We had bats visit the old house in Dayton. Actually we had a bat on two different days. Whether it was the same one each time, I have no idea. It didn’t help in conversation that my dad’s family came from the Carpathian mountains in Transylvania. No, I’m not kidding. Ronald darling thought I should take care of it, but huh uh! That’s a man’s job. And they look much much much bigger when they are flying! The wing span is gi-normous compared to the little body. Argghhhh!

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