Rapidly Increasing Batty Count

So, are you all sick of me talking about the winged infestation at Sean’s office, yet? No?

Personally, the highlight of my day was getting the latest guano (how’s that for geekified slang?) on the whole deal.

Brian called this morning before Sean left for work. He had called the county animal control and they told him that, most likely, they ticked off the first bat and he brought back some muscle to take care of things. OK, that’s not really what they said. They did say that it was probably the same bat and another one, but they attributed it to the first bat having found a nice place to hang out and inviting a lady friend back to the pad.

Boom chicka bow wow…

Ahem. Anyhow, they said they would keep coming back as long as they could get in. Oh, and that Sean and Brian couldn’t kill the bats. They are apparently federally regulated. The little batty stalkers basically have a restraining order against them. Helpful.

I knew better than to call for the first hour or so of the day today. When my curiosity couldn’t stand it any longer, I called to see how the bat hunt was going. I got Sean right as he was catching the bat tour bus with his sights set on relocating six bats. Far, far away.

At this point, psychologically, I’d say he’d made it past denial and bargaining and was firmly in the anger stage of emotional response. Or, at least the “highly annoyed and no longer even slightly amused at the ridiculousness of the situation” phase.

This afternoon, they caught bat number seven (which brings us to a grand total of eight over the two days). His assistant was going to take that one home to show her kids before releasing it in a park near her house. OK, you know how I listed my irrational fears the other day? If I were her, I’d be adding having that bat escape its pretzel barrel* and attacking me within the confined space of my car to that list.

Of course, I don’t think I’m alone on that one. I haven’t noticed any bats coming home for my children to see.


*It turns out that I was wrong–she didn’t get the pretzel barrel. Brian wouldn’t let her take it in case they need it tomorrow (which they won’t know until they get there since they didn’t turn on the alarm tonight). Instead, he put the bat in the cardboard box that the wireless earpiece for his cell phone came in. Apparently, it started getting a little dark while she was driving home. And the previously docile bat? It got a bit more active. She apparently got a lovely drive that included trying to hold the box lid down while driving her manual-shift car. Gaaah.



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3 responses to “Rapidly Increasing Batty Count

  1. AHHH!!! There is NO WAY I would EVER be able to drive in the dark with a bat in the car!! I’m going to have nightmares now. What a bizarre couple of days it has been for you guys!

    On a side note, I keep suggesting that you should write, and I mean it! You have a natural flair for writing and you’re so funny! Thanks for the laugh! 🙂

  2. Lilola

    We had such a fun time with bats in the old house in Dayton. Two bats in two days. I barricaded myself in the bedroom with towels stuffed under the door while Ronald darling chased him out the front door with towels. Yecchhhh! Don’t know how they got in, but they stopped, thank goodness!

  3. You were lucky that they didn’t come back. Sean’s going to have to deal with pest control, and bats are expensive since they are protected and have to be released. Plus, as we have seen, you have to have someone bat-proof the building.

    Sean’s landlord is still “considering” taking care of the problem. Of course, Sean’s already had his lawyer review the lease and it really doesn’t look like there is much for him to consider. The landlord should be footing this bill.

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