If It’s Brown, Flush it Down


The bat thing seems to be a full blown infestation. Ten were caught and released today. One more poor fellow didn’t make it out. Maybe he got disoriented. Or maybe he was just thirsty. Either way, he was doing the CSI float in the office toilet this morning.

Now, if that doesn’t give you nightmares…

I have spent all day imagining some sort of horrid jack-in-the-box. A Bat-in-the-Pot, if you will. Obviously, it would be shaped like a toilet. The usual crank would be replaced by the toilet’s handle. As All Around the Mulberry Bush comes to its merry end–flush–the lid pops up and the bat attacks your heiny.

Of course that led me, in my train-of-thought sort of a way, to thinking about the moths that protect themselves by imitating huge eyes on their wings to scare off predators. I suppose I could offer a permanent marker and the full extent of my creativity before Sean leaves for work tomorrow.

Somehow, I don’t think he’d take me up on it.


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