I’d Never Thought of It Like That…

From last night’s fortune cookie:

Art misunderstanding by calm, poise and balance.


Am I missing something obvious, here? Because, as far as fortunes go, I feel robbed. Explanations welcome.



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3 responses to “I’d Never Thought of It Like That…

  1. thanksgivingmom

    Once I got, “You and your wife will be very happy in your old age”

    Well, I didn’t realize I was a lesbian but hey! I guess that was one HECK of a fortune, haha.

    Sorry I can’t provide any insights into your gibberish though!!!

  2. Hmmmm…Maybe that’s what happened to my ex sister-in-law. She got that fortune and thought, hey, maybe they’re right. Three years later she got the Vegas “wedding” with Elvis and pimp costumes for the bride and, um, bride.


  3. thanksgivingmom

    Haha, who knows???

    Mine said I’d be happy and that I’d make it to old age, I’ll take it! Sure that might mean having to make some lifestyle changes, but I’ll just go with the flow – haha!

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