Why I Always Plan Ahead

When I wake up in the morning, I will be getting ready and leaving for a wedding. This will be an all-day affair since the wedding is in Indiana, and I am not (this is not nearly as bad, though, as my brother who has a wedding tomorrow in Nebraska, and lives even farther east of Indiana than I do–they’re driving all night tonight to make it). Anytime we have a significant event that involves leaving in the morning, I always lay out clothes and pack the diaper bag the night before.

Boy am I glad I did tonight.

As I pulled out my black heels, it was immediately obvious that the fat dog had, at some point in the past week or so, weaseled her way into my closet. The heels of my heels were mangled. I can’t tell you how many pairs of shoes I have lost to this dog in the past year or so.

fat dog

At 10:00 pm, there aren’t many options for shoe shopping. I headed to WalMart with a mixture of hope and desperation, and found a cute pair of shoes. I bought them and brought them home, only to discover that they really don’t go with my dress. This is not what you want at 11:00 pm.

So, I’m going to admit to what is probably the most ghetto thing I have ever done. I colored my mangled heels. With a Sharpie.

Pray for dim lighting at the reception.

Edited: Yes, I originally used the wrong spelling for “heels”–it was almost midnight. Sue me. I will now get my revenge on the Spelling Police by revealing that I got the idea many years ago when my mother repaired her black piano using the same Sharpie method.

Now, I just need a good metal file to smooth the suckers out.



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4 responses to “Why I Always Plan Ahead

  1. Nancy

    Would that be your HEELS that need to heal?

    The spelling police

  2. I have done the sharpie trick on black shoes in the past as well. Nail clippers work well to nip off the mangled pieces of leather left hanging or puckered. If you have all four boys with you nobody will notice your shoes. 🙂

  3. That’s funny. I’m all about improvising to save money! I just colored my dangly pink earrings purple to match my dress. I purposefully used a watercolor marker, so I could use them again when I wear pink. It’s pretty “white trash” but who cares?!

  4. Yeah, Nicole, but at least your earrings won’t cause you to feel like you’re walking on velcro. I wore the shoes to church on Sunday (after taking Elaine’s advice and trimming the heels with nail clippers) and the chewed bottoms kept sticking to the carpet! I was laughing at myself through the whole three hours.

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