The Wedding that Wasn’t

Well, the wedding was–we didn’t witness a runaway bride scenario. Actually, we didn’t witness anything.

In short, the traffic in Indiana sucks.

This, of course, baffles me because, after several years of driving from my super secret location east of Indiana to Utah for college, I know one thing without a doubt. There is nothing in Indiana. Of the many states that I have driven through, Indiana rivals Iowa and Wyoming for the least exciting (or inhabited). So why the heck it took us around three hours to go from Indianapolis to Bloomington completely escapes me. The whole trip (from my house) should have taken a little less than three hours. We were in the car for over five.

Spending that much time in a car with four children when you aren’t prepared for that long of a drive is painful. I will say one extremely positive thing about driving through Indiana, though. They have Radio Disney. This fact was announced to us on a large billboard right as we were entering the first traffic jam. It was also at the exact moment that the Veggie Tales had started singing Kumbaya. Hallelujah! Undoubtedly, it was Divine intervention.

We missed the actual wedding, but we made it for most of the reception. So we get points for intent and stick-to-it-ness. I can’t say that it was an exciting affair, but we got to watch N~ doing his best moves to the Cha Cha Slide. My boy loves to dance.

The drive home wasn’t as bad as going there, but it still took about an hour longer than it should have. We got home late, and it was exhausting.

Waking up this morning, I had an awful realization. My dishes are promiscuous. I go away with a few in the sink that are dirty, and they get all Dirrrty a la Christina Aguilera. This is the only explanation for the fact that they multiply rapidly when I leave. Really, I leave two plates alone for a few hours and when I come back they have a sink full of saucers and are demanding a minivan and WIC.

Maybe I’ll switch to Chinet. It isn’t looking for a long-term relationship.


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