I rarely write just to mark the milestones of my children’s lives. While the minutia of their development is always exciting for me, it doesn’t necessarily make for interesting reading. So, if you decide to stop here, you won’t hurt my feelings. Let’s face it–if you’ve gotten this far, you’re already showing up on my blog stats and giving me my pathetic ego boost for the day. I won’t know if you don’t read.

As of August 1st, E~ hit the five month mark. Of course, when I tell that to enquiring strangers, they look at me like I just grew a third head. (Side note: I’m not sure why I have a tendency to say “third” head. I don’t walk around with two on a regular basis. Yet, “third head” is always what comes out of my mouth. Moving on…) The kid is huge. Technically, I should have stopped using the carrier car seat by now, but that is so inconvenient when he still can’t sit by himself. Soon…I had sucked it up and taken his brothers out by now. I have extreme and irrational jealousy of people who can use those stinkin’ carrier seats until their kids are a year old. If that’s you–you suck.

Starting about a month ago, E~ would occasionally roll over, but he never really did it on purpose. Right around his five month birthday, he figured out how to roll from his back to his front intentionally. Of course, it just ticked him off once he got there since I have never been that great about doing tummy time and he couldn’t get back to the more familiar back position. For a week or so, I had the joy of living with the regular roll and scream cycle. Good times.

About a week ago, E~ figured out how to roll from his tummy to his back. Sean was surprised how quickly it follow the back to tummy roll. He’s a man. As such, he doesn’t feel the importance of knowing that, developmentally, E~ actually did things backwards so it isn’t surprising that he would figure out the “easier” roll that soon after mastering the “harder” one. Ah, the joys of being the fun parent, as opposed the the functional one. (Don’t misunderstand that–Sean’s a great dad. He just doesn’t have to do the majority of the actual parenting since he’s at work all day.) Now that he has complete control of how he is laying, E~ is really enjoying playing on his tummy. I fear that crawling isn’t that terribly far off in my future.

This past week, I broke down and officially started E~ on solids. He now enjoys a sippy cup with grape juice and water, rice cereal (ok, he doesn’t actually enjoy that, but I keep trying to force it on him, anyhow), sweet potato baby food (looooves it!) and bananas in one of these. I had never tried a mesh feeder with my other kids, and now I regret it. He loves being in control of feeding himself. I don’t enjoy cleaning him up afterwards, but oh well. (Oh, I also finally found a super cute pacifier that he enjoys, even if he is chewing on it instead of sucking on it. At least it’s something to keep his fingers out of his mouth.)

A couple more random things. E~ definitely has the strength to sit up on his own, and his balance is improving. He’s not there yet, though. He also has the strength to stand up. I can hold his hands and he will stand for 30 seconds or so at a time. Also, in the past couple of days, he has started the totally sweet habit of patting my back and hugging me when I pick him up.

In short, at five months E~ is sweet, strong, and stubborn. I couldn’t ask for a better baby.


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