Life Stinks

Wait, check that–Life is good.

My house stinks.

We bought our house for it’s great 1 1/2 acre yard, complete with woods. The problem is, with woods comes critters. Including the kind with unique abilities to stop our coonhound in her tracks. When Scarlet came in at bedtime last night, I about fell over.

There is only one thing that you can do when your dog gets skunked. I threw her back outside, grabbed the shampoo and two big cans of tomato juice (this is not a unique experience–we average one skunking a year), handed it all to Sean and told him the dog and the hose were waiting for him outside.

I deal with enough stinky things throughout the day, thankyouverymuch.

Of course, even a good tomato juice bath isn’t enough to kill the stench. I foresee a lot of candles and Fabreeze in my immediate future. You know it’s bad when walking by the stinky ferret cage feels like a relief.

And speaking of all things nasty…

As I sat down to write this (a mistake to attempt writing in the middle of the day…), N~ started yelling up the stairs to me. I ran down the stairs to discover that W~ and C~ were in the bathroom and had just taken turns dunking their heads in the toilet. When asked why he would stick his head in the toilet, W~ said he just wanted to find out if the water was cold.

What’s that I said before about frat boys? Because, after all, putting a finger in the water (nasty enough in its own right) just wouldn’t be the same.

Two good head-scrubbings later, they are doing time in their rooms. I’ll let them out eventually. But I’m in no hurry.

On more positive toilet news…

C~ went in the toilet after his nap today. No arguments. No waiting. He just sat down and peed. With intent. Woohoo! Of course, twenty minutes later I was changing a poopy diaper, but I’ll still take the victory for what it was. Baby steps, but we’re going in the right direction.


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One response to “Life Stinks

  1. My one year old sneaks off so that she can play splish splash in any open toilet. We all have to remember to keep the lid down at all times (well not all).

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