Follow in Our Footsteps, Or Cover Our Tracks?

As we ate dinner the other night, N~ looked at me at one point and said something about me being a bad kid.

“No,” I told him, “I was a good kid.”

He laughed and said, “Really? No, you weren’t.”

“Yes, I was,” I insisted. “I made life easy for Grandma and Grandpa. Go next door and ask them–they’ll tell you. I was good.”

That must have carried enough authority for him, because he then shifted gears.

“Was Daddy a good kid?”

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha! Pardon me while I collect myself.

Sean and I looked at each other, both wondering how to balance honesty and diplomacy in our answer.

“Well, um,” I stammered, “Daddy wasn’t always supervised as well as he could have been.” Sean smirked and muttered something about that being one way to put it.

“Let’s just say that your brother wasn’t the original frat boy.”

I think that N~ left the conversation thoroughly confused.


That’s a lot better than him wondering if he could ever light a sewer system on fire like Daddy once did.



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5 responses to “Follow in Our Footsteps, Or Cover Our Tracks?

  1. Ah, so it’s hereditary.

  2. That’s so funny!
    Whenever Scott tells a tale about some of the crazy, insane things he did during his youth, I always remind him that those stories will NEVER be shared with our children. Don’t want to give them any ideas!

  3. You would be amazed at how many things he tries to blame on MY genetics. I just roll my eyes and remind him of one of the many stories from his childhood that would apply to whatever we are discussing. There is so much more than a flaming sewer system that I hope my children never know about!

    Of course, I have my share of stupid things I wish my kids wouldn’t know about, too. Just fewer. 😉

  4. Funny! You’ve gotta share that story sometime! That is, as long as Sean is ok with it! 😉

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