Starting School…More or Less

Alternate title: We Aren’t Failing Yet

Monday was the official start to our school year. And the school materials that K12 has been promising us will show up “on or before” the first day of the school year? Not here yet. Well, ok, my history stuff showed up yesterday, but I’m not even supposed to be doing history lessons every day, so I only see it as mildly helpful. Ironically, my sister, who isn’t even planning on starting until after Labor Day, already has her stuff. Grrr

In hopes that my materials might actually show up on Monday, I decided not to do lessons and, instead, did an educational field trip to the local children’s museum.

I couldn’t justify two field trips to myself, so we did our best to start lessons yesterday. Most of my phonics and math lessons can be done from the computer, so we are making due in those subjects. We’re missing out on some of our teaching aides and workbook pages, but at least we’re making some real progress in those subjects (as well as history). Literature, unfortunately, is a different subject (Get it? Subject–ha, ha…oh, never mind). It is a little difficult to teach stories and poems that you can’t read to your kid. Sigh. I hope it shows up soon.

If you had asked me at the end of school time yesterday how things were going, I would have admitted that I was scared. I walked around all afternoon reminding myself that I had chosen a bad day to start (Tuesdays are my weird day–Sean leaves before we are out of bed and it throws everything off for the morning), and that I hadn’t prepared everything beforehand like I should have. It was stressful and disorganized, but we made it through.

Last night, I organized as much as I could (we haven’t finished building our school room, so everything is scattered around my dining room at the moment). I made a daily schedule for myself just as a visual reminder of how I want my day to go. I printed out all of the worksheets that are online. I made sure that I was ready to teach when I woke up this morning.

And you know what? It made a huge difference. We’re still adjusting (N~ complained that it wasn’t fair that his brothers were having fun on the trampoline while he was learning phonics), but it flowed. It is harder when W~ and C~ decide that they want to be involved, too, but I make sure that I have extra copies of everything printed out so they can color and cut, too.

The difference between yesterday and today was drastic. Everything is prepared to go for tomorrow. Well, everything that can be.

Dang backordered supplies.



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5 responses to “Starting School…More or Less

  1. No, I just have some of my stuff. Just like you. Only some of my stuff.

  2. Oh, plus A~, being the nerd that she is, decided to do some history tonight while I was painting my bedroom. She’s already read all 3,426 books that she checked out from the library this week (read a biography on Darwin and decided she’s not his biggest fan), so she begged to start some school today.

  3. But Midge has stuff for more than one subject, right?

    I almost wrote about my goal for this year (after listening to the Eluminate session about being an effective parent coach–lol) being to have N~ be as big of a nerd as A~ is. He’s suddenly not so sure about this school thing.

  4. Nancy

    Letting W~ and C~ drop in and out of school with him may be confusing to him. As in, they can choose when to have fun and when to do school, so why can’t he?

    Do you think it would work to give them their printouts and send them to a different room, or at least a different area of the same room? Make N~ feel special by being the only one who gets your undivided attention during that time. Just a thought.

  5. It would be great if I could make that work, but I can’t exactly tell a two-year-old that I’m going to ignore him for three hours and he’s going to like it (it doesn’t even work with the almost four-year-old). N’s just going to have to accept that he is a big boy who needs to do school, and his brothers aren’t old enough yet. And the other two are having to learn that, while they can listen and color if they are reasonably quiet, my main focus has to be on N~. Everyone is just going to have to adjust.

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