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I Embarrassed My Husband

So, how do you deal with a fat dog that only walks towards the house?



Yep, that’s right. When we took the kids for a bike/stroller ride this evening, I plopped the fat dog on the stroller’s bench seat. She rode until we got to the end of the street, then I took her down and made her walk back.

We passed a few other people walking normal dogs on the way down the street. Sean was mortified. If he could have, I think he would have pretended not to know me. Whatever. It worked.

Later this evening, I took her out again and actually got her to walk both directions down the street. This may be easier than I expected!



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A Reluctant Workout Buddy

I mentioned last week that the fat dog and I have a few things in common. One that I didn’t mention is that we could both stand to lose a few pounds. I could stand to lose a few more than she could, but I’m 5’4″ and she’s like a foot tall, so I’ve got it better percentage-wise. I once heard a comedian joke that you know you need to lose weight if you snore while you’re awake. What do you think?


I decided a few weeks ago that I should start taking her for walks for both of our benefit, but I hadn’t gotten around to doing it. I tried it tonight while one of my neighbors was walking their dog. I was hoping that her alpha dog nature would send her running after the other dog (pathetic, I know). It didn’t.

What do you do with a dog that will only walk towards her house?

If I try to walk this dog down the street, she plants. Will. Not. Move. Honestly, she doesn’t even like going too far out into our yard unless she’s barking at someone walking their dog. I think her mentality is that she is a very small (snort!) dog in a very large world.

Whatever. I’m going to teach her to go on walks.

So, if you see a wild-haired lady who could stand to lose some baby weight carrying a fat dog down the street some morning, she’s not crazy. It’s just me, getting the fat dog far enough from home that she’ll do anything to get back.

Even if it makes her snore.


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He is a Man, After All

At dinner, Sean was telling me about the daily drama at his office. One of his assistants was already in a bit of a tizzy after a client got worked up after she (the assistant) referred to a payment reminder as a “nasty gram.” While she was calming down from that fiasco, another client kindly asked her when her baby was due.

She’s not pregnant.

She was, understandably, perturbed by the conversation, and went to Sean for a sympathetic ear.

“The thing is,” he told me, “I’m really good at listening to people…”

“No, you’re not,” I interrupted. “You’re just good at pretending to listen for awhile.” I might have some experience with this phenomenon. Daily.

“OK, I’m really good at seeming like I’m paying attention to the type of people who feel like coming to me with this kind of stuff,” he  conceded. “But I never know what to say to them.”

You don’t look pregnant, might have been a good choice,” I offered.

“So, you think I should lie?”

OK, having never met her, I didn’t anticipate that.

“So, what did you say to her?” I asked.

“I told her that maybe she was just retaining water today.”

I laughed so hard I almost cried. He’s probably lucky she didn’t quit on him.


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Looking at (the Presidential) Race

In the past week, a lot has been made of studies showing that racism still exists in this country and that it could impact the Presidential race.


Well, duh.

Of course, since the racism seems to run in both directions (one poll showed virtually all African Americans polled were planning to vote for Obama), a win for Obama may be as attributable to racism as a loss.

Ah, yes, I can see some of my liberal readers now:

Warning, my liberal friends, I’m about to go further with this thought. Stop now if you can’t take it.

I could pull quotes from some of the studies and get all technical about this topic but, for now, this is more about my personal feelings.

And why do the personal feelings of a white, conservative female count for anything in a discussion about racism? Because I have a son who is just as Black as Barack Obama.

Of course, this also means that my son is technically just as White* as he is Black. And, like Mr. Obama, while N’s skin may be dark, he is being raised in a White environment (Obama’s was not entirely, with influences from his Kenyan father and Indonesian step-father, but a lot of time was spent with just his mother when she was single, then with his maternal grandmother).

So, what is the point?

Obama has made it very clear that it is his intention to be the first Black President of the United States of America. From the very beginning, his campaign has made his race a factor. And they have decided that his race is African American. And if that is how he wants to define himself, that is just fine–maybe even logical. But, if you want to label yourself in a way that will give you stronger appeal to certain voters, you have to be prepared for the realities that come with those labels.

Yes, I know that people look at Barack Obama and see “Black.” I’m not trying to say he should try to pass himself off as White. But, over the course of this campaign, I have seen times that he has attempted to distance himself from his White mother and grandmother. And I can’t help but wonder if that has anything to do with the same thinking that causes many liberals to declare that all of President Bush’s Black appointees didn’t count because they weren’t “Black enough.”

Racism exists. That is the horrible reality of our world. I am all but incapable of watching programs on white supremacy groups because they pretty much give me anxiety attacks. The thought of someone looking at my son and seeing anything less than the wonderful person that he is is absolutely maddening. (Of course, the fact that organizations like The National Association of Black Social Workers would rather have it so that I could have never adopted my son because of my race is rather maddening, too).

Barack Obama is intelligent and charismatic. He has strong political views. These are things that aren’t affected by whether he is Black, White, Biracial, Green, or Polka-dotted. Race is not the right reason to vote against him**.

Race is also not the right reason to vote for him.

We need to just focus on the issues.



*If you feel like leaving a comment to educate me on why saying he is just as White as Black is wrong, don’t bother. I am not talking about racial perception. I understand that many biracial people are automatically categorized as Black by others, although my experience is that “Biracial” is becoming a very common way of classifying. N~ is not the only Biracial person in our family. Even the ones who live with both biological parents refer to themselves as “mixed,” and some of them appear to be White. My point has to do with honoring all parts of your heritage equally.

**If you would like to vote against Obama based on his extremely liberal views or weak resume, however, be my guest. Please.


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Fat Dog’s Revenge

After a week of almost non-existent schooling due to a “dry hurricane” and E’s surgery, I was looking forward to getting the week started off right. I got up, took my shower, ate my breakfast, put on a happy face (or, at least a slightly more spackled and less splotchy-looking one), and–answered the phone.

Never answer the phone if you are trying to get something accomplished.

By the way the phone rang, I knew it was Sean (no, it isn’t more cheerful of a ring when he is calling–just a different melody). I picked it up, wondering what he might already need, having left only half an hour earlier.

“Katie,” he sighed, “she got her revenge on me.”


“Genji finally got revenge on me.”

Now, honestly, this statement wasn’t making a lot of sense to me. What did my little fat dog have to get revenge on him for? If anything, he is the one constantly tormented by her snorting presence. And what could she possibly have done to his car on the way to the groomer’s…ooooooh. Revenge. That makes sense.

You know how they say that people start to resemble their dogs after awhile? Well, the fat dog and I have our similarities–especially in the grooming department. Namely, neither one of us gets it done too often. But, while my semi-annual (ok, maybe three or four a year) haircuts are due to my horrible inability to make time to take care of myself, the fat dog would happily live a life of matted hair in her face. She hates going to the groomer’s. And today was the day.

So, what did she do?

Well, every trip to the groomer’s includes a scene wherein Sean chases two resistant dogs (Skunk Boy goes, too) around the car as they hop from front to back, trying to avoid being taken in. It’s something like trying to catch greased pigs, but with two little mop dogs (shih tzus, in case you are wondering). Apparently, during the chase today, Genji managed to step on the button to lock the car doors without Sean noticing. Once both dogs were caught, he closed the car door and headed in to drop them off.

He closed the car door. With the keys still inside.

So, instead of starting school on time, I got to pack four little boys in the car and go rescue him. Have I ever mentioned that his office (and the nearby dog groomer) are half an hour from home?

Sean killed time while waiting for me by buying bribes treats for the kids in the dollar store. The big find? Golf clubs. With actual metal shafts.

My comments section is open, should anyone want to start a pool on which kid will end up with a concussion first.

We won’t talk about how my day went from there. Let’s just say that, most likely, my family will someday single-handedly fund the early retirement of some therapist.


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All is Well

Thank you for your comments and prayers last night and this morning.

E~ and I were at the hospital this morning by about 6:40 (yes, I am insanely tired at the moment). I have to say, I was impressed. They got all of the paperwork done and did all of his vitals. We sat for a little bit, then the nurse came back around 8:00 or so to give him some oral happy drugs. I don’t remember what exactly–she said it was related to Valium. It worked quickly and noticeably. I couldn’t help but understand my deceased grandmother and her love of that particular pill a little better. E~ had a far away look and a dopey grin for every doctor and nurse that came in after that. If he could speak, I have no doubt that each one would have gotten a hearty, “I love you, man!”

By about 8:10, the surgeon came in to explain to me everything that would happen. He was quickly followed by the anesthesiologist. It was basically 8:30 on the dot when they took him out. Amazing. I have never had any type of doctor’s appointment happen so punctually.

The nurse had warned me that some children wake up rather violently from anesthesia. She said he may scream inconsolably (something that did happen to a nephew once). She said that the best thing was to hope that he took a bit longer to wake up so he could ease into it. In other words, she gave me something really pleasant to look forward to while he was gone.

He didn’t sleep in.

Of course, he also didn’t get freaked out. When they brought him back, only 30 or 40 minutes after taking him, he was groggy but smiling. We were out of the hospital and on our way home by 10:00.

He is definitely still a little stoned. And he was starting to act a little uncomfortable around the time for his next dose of Tylenol (regular infant–no prescription with codeine, even). He is napping now (I wish that I were, too, but between phone calls and neighbors borrowing water, it isn’t happening). According to the doctor, he should most likely be back to normal by tomorrow.



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Calling on the Powers of Heaven

E’s surgery is tomorrow morning at 8:30. Even though it is supposed to be a simple procedure and he is only supposed to be under anesthesia very briefly, I am nervous. It is just a scary thing.

If you are so inclined, include him in your prayers tonight. Please pray for him that all will go well, he’ll handle the anesthesia without complications, and he will have an easy recovery. For that matter, you can also pray that he’ll be ok tonight–I can’t nurse him after 12:30, which is going to be rough on him.



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