So Much to Do, So Much to Say

My silence these past few days has not been due to a lack of things to talk about. I’ve had a busy weekend of final summer hurrahs (and Segways!). I’ve finished Breaking Dawn (meh). Politics–oh the politics (which, amazingly, also ties into my commentary on Breaking Dawn–soon, my smurflings, I’ll explain). I’ve had the homeschooling frustration. I’ve got a new food party concept (a la Pampered Chef), thanks to C~.

But, let’s start with milestones.

As of Labor Day, E~ is now six months old. I am amazed at how quickly the time has gone by. As if detecting the importance of the date, E~ decided to start sitting unassisted for brief periods this week. He is also starting to hold himself in a crawl pose and rock back and forth for a few seconds before flattening out. I’m in trouble soon.

Today was E’s six month check-up with the pediatrician. He is 29 1/2 inches long, which puts him off the charts for height. He is also 19 pounds 4 ounces, which is 75th percentile for weight. I grow ’em big.

This was, however, probably the first time that I have gone to one of these appointments with a genuine concern. Last week, as I was changing E’s diaper, I noticed that something was a little off. I called Sean to tell him my concern.

Me: There seems to be something wrong with the baby’s penis.

Him: What?

Me: Well, it’s just that the skin on the, um, well, shaft…

Him: Heh heh, you just said, “shaft.”

Me: Oh, give me a break, that’s really what it is called. I’m not being crude. So, anyhow, the skin on the, um, shaft seems to be stuck to the, um, head…

Him: Wait–can I record this conversation?

Me: Oh, grow up.

So, anyhow, his skin down there has developed some adhesions. The doctor said that they would normally just watch them, but his are bad enough that she is afraid that they could end up covering important things. So, she is having Children’s Hospital call me to set up a surgical consult. Something about the phrase “surgical consult” being used in reference to your kids most sensitive parts is a little disturbing. Fortunately, she doesn’t think that it will involve actual surgery–just an in-office procedure. Let’s hope.

While on the topic of those parts…

N~ came upstairs earlier and informed me that W~ had peed in a bucket. I went downstairs to see W~ pulling up his pants while walking away from said bucket, which was now wet and smelled distinctly of urine. OK, that is enough in and of itself for him to be in trouble. But the real kick in the pants? The bucket was next to the toilet. It’s not like he could claim that he just couldn’t make it to the toilet in time. Gah! The ideas that kid gets in his head sometimes. The thing is, despite the stories I tell about him here, the kid really isn’t the village idiot. He’s actually a really intelligent kid. But his judgement sometimes…yeah, not so much.

At the risk of going on entirely too long, I will only discuss one more topic for now (I’ll hit everything else in subsequent posts). I know that several of you who are reading have been interested in the virtual (home)schooling that we are doing. So far, it has not been without its frustrations. We continue to be without any of our materials except a map, a globe, and a cd. I’m going through a lot of paper and printer ink recreating the stuff that should have come by now. And I haven’t even been able to start literature since we don’t have the books we need. And the online materials were down today, too…

Frustrations with the beginning of year snafus aside, I’m still really glad that we’re doing this.  My mom sent me a link to a great article. It says everything I feel about why I’m not interested in going the public school route. And I can see evidence of how good this is already. As I watch my son do well with his math lessons and really struggle with phonics concepts, I’m so glad that he’s the only kid in our “class.” I can see immediately how he is doing, and don’t have to worry about him sliding by on other kids’ answers. I can make sure that he actually pays attention and tries. I’ve been educated in public schools. I’ve taught some in public schools. If he were there, it would be an entirely different story.


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