Celebrating the Little Victories

I so wanted to put up my video of this weekend’s Segway riding, but it isn’t cooperating. Not that it is exciting–more like me zooming around the yard in a way that desperately needs The Wicked Witch of the West background music. It’s just, well–it was cool. You know, one of those meaningless experiences you want to have in life. I wanted to put up the proof. I guess I settle for a still picture.


I was amazed at how sensitive they were. They totally just move with you. Unless you’re my little brother. Then, they fly out from under you and drag you across the dry ground. Now that would have been a video worth posting!


Today just felt like one achievement after another. N~ felt good about phonics today. Actually, N~ felt great about phonics today. He wanted to call Sean after we finished to tell him how well his lesson went. I was so afraid that phonics was going to be a constant frustration for both of us throughout the entire school year. After today, seeing how far he has come in just over a week, I have hope that it is going to go a lot better than I expected. And the cutest part? Until today, he didn’t realize that the phonics lessons were the groundwork for teaching him to read. Once he figured that out, he got really excited. He really wants to be able to read.

Another big victory of sorts on the homeschooling front today was the fact that I finally have more supplies! I got more history materials, so I can resume with history lessons (I may be making lamingtons for dessert tomorrow…). I also got my literature and handwriting materials. Woohoo! I may be mean and make N~ do some school on Saturday to try and catch up to where we should be in language arts, since we have gone almost two weeks without any lessons. We will definitely have the first three lessons done tomorrow (we did 1 1/2 today).

If I weren’t so frustrated with the supplies issue, I would be totally singing the praises of the Virtual Academy. We’ll see if that’s the case a month from now.

Other achievements of the day…

E~ is definitely sitting up on his own now. I can sit him on the floor (with a pillow behind him, just in case) and walk away while he plays with toys in front of him. And he’ll still be upright when I come back. He is also working on pushing himself into a crawling position. Hmmm…I better put the gate at the top of the stairs back up.

After a couple of days of missing the opportunity, C~ had another after-nap potty success today. Even if he’s only doing it once a day on a semi-regular basis, I’m still feeling good about it. After all, starting to potty train while starting to homeschool another kid at the same time is kind of ambitious…

It’s been a good day. Time to go see if McCain’s acceptance speech ends it with another hint of victory.


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