Ode to a Working Commode


If I were some video editing wizard, all of the girly-men footage would be gone, and we would be scrolling through pictures of a toilet, a shower, a dishwasher, a refrigerator, light that doesn’t come from an open flame, and the internet (Oh, the humanity!)


Let’s start by establishing some well-known facts.

  1. The Midwest doesn’t get hurricanes.

OK, that about covers it.

Mother Nature (and Hurricane Ike), it would seem, did not get the memo. Because yesterday, in my super secret location east of the Mississippi that is much closer to a Great Lake than any other body of water, we basically got a hurricane. Or, at least, the wind part. They are saying that during the six or so hours that the remnants of Ike pummeled us, the winds (up to 80 mph) basically qualified as a category 1 hurricane. It didn’t really rain (thank heavens!).


While the video sucks, it still gives you an idea of what I watched all afternoon yesterday. And I only went out when it was being tamer. When it started to pick back up, I ran for the house.

To give you an even better idea, here are some of my pictures of the aftermath:


Mom and Dad’s front yard (next door to me)




Sean watched this big tree come down. The trunk snapped about fifteen feet up.



Random large limbs.



This is the limb that was hanging down in the video. It is as big as a tree. I watched as the wind just twisted it off–unbelievable.


As we were falling asleep (hours early) last night, a random fire truck went down our street. Sean speculated that they were patrolling the area. “Yeah,” I said, “they’ve got to keep those looters at bay.”

And then I started laughing.

“Could you imagine that?” I asked him. “Looters in our area would probably look like some hybrid between the shirtless ghetto looters on tv and the pitchfork-toting townsfolk heading to Dr. Frankenstein’s castle.”

The storm, of course, did not just hit our area. There are countless people without power throughout the state. In our area, there were fifty utility poles down, and they were saying about 180,000 people were without power in our area this morning. They started trying to restore it. The last I heard, there are now about 225,000 people without power.

All hail progress.

We are, of course, amongst the powerless masses. Since our pump doesn’t work without electricity, we are also without water. Our first order of business was to explain the finer points of the old adage, “Yellow’s mellow, brown goes down” to the kids. Not long afterwards, N~ was inquiring about how to flush the brown without the yellow sneaking down with it. The explanation was revised.

We have spent the day at my brother-in-law’s house, since he is one of the lucky few who still have a functioning toilet. I have showered, washed dishes (I brought them with me), charged my phone, and am getting my internet fix. Before I leave, I will refill our water jugs to go back home with us. This may be the last you hear from me until the power is back on.

They are saying that could take days.


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One response to “Ode to a Working Commode

  1. Nancy

    You should appreciate that random fire truck that went down the street. After their incredibly long day responding to reports of trees across power lines, trees in the road, power lines in the road, power lines sparking next to houses, etc., they drove down every street in the township to make sure they were all safe and passable before going home for the night. They did an awesome job.

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