All is Well

Thank you for your comments and prayers last night and this morning.

E~ and I were at the hospital this morning by about 6:40 (yes, I am insanely tired at the moment). I have to say, I was impressed. They got all of the paperwork done and did all of his vitals. We sat for a little bit, then the nurse came back around 8:00 or so to give him some oral happy drugs. I don’t remember what exactly–she said it was related to Valium. It worked quickly and noticeably. I couldn’t help but understand my deceased grandmother and her love of that particular pill a little better. E~ had a far away look and a dopey grin for every doctor and nurse that came in after that. If he could speak, I have no doubt that each one would have gotten a hearty, “I love you, man!”

By about 8:10, the surgeon came in to explain to me everything that would happen. He was quickly followed by the anesthesiologist. It was basically 8:30 on the dot when they took him out. Amazing. I have never had any type of doctor’s appointment happen so punctually.

The nurse had warned me that some children wake up rather violently from anesthesia. She said he may scream inconsolably (something that did happen to a nephew once). She said that the best thing was to hope that he took a bit longer to wake up so he could ease into it. In other words, she gave me something really pleasant to look forward to while he was gone.

He didn’t sleep in.

Of course, he also didn’t get freaked out. When they brought him back, only 30 or 40 minutes after taking him, he was groggy but smiling. We were out of the hospital and on our way home by 10:00.

He is definitely still a little stoned. And he was starting to act a little uncomfortable around the time for his next dose of Tylenol (regular infant–no prescription with codeine, even). He is napping now (I wish that I were, too, but between phone calls and neighbors borrowing water, it isn’t happening). According to the doctor, he should most likely be back to normal by tomorrow.




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3 responses to “All is Well

  1. Whew! I’m so glad everything went well. 🙂 What a trooper! (Both of you!)

  2. Lilola

    What a brave little soldier… you not him, he had not a clue! I’m so glad everything worked out.

  3. So glad the surgery went well. Hope E is on the mend soon. Gotta love those drugs! 🙂

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