A Reluctant Workout Buddy

I mentioned last week that the fat dog and I have a few things in common. One that I didn’t mention is that we could both stand to lose a few pounds. I could stand to lose a few more than she could, but I’m 5’4″ and she’s like a foot tall, so I’ve got it better percentage-wise. I once heard a comedian joke that you know you need to lose weight if you snore while you’re awake. What do you think?


I decided a few weeks ago that I should start taking her for walks for both of our benefit, but I hadn’t gotten around to doing it. I tried it tonight while one of my neighbors was walking their dog. I was hoping that her alpha dog nature would send her running after the other dog (pathetic, I know). It didn’t.

What do you do with a dog that will only walk towards her house?

If I try to walk this dog down the street, she plants. Will. Not. Move. Honestly, she doesn’t even like going too far out into our yard unless she’s barking at someone walking their dog. I think her mentality is that she is a very small (snort!) dog in a very large world.

Whatever. I’m going to teach her to go on walks.

So, if you see a wild-haired lady who could stand to lose some baby weight carrying a fat dog down the street some morning, she’s not crazy. It’s just me, getting the fat dog far enough from home that she’ll do anything to get back.

Even if it makes her snore.



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5 responses to “A Reluctant Workout Buddy

  1. Oh man, you crack me up! Too bad I don’t live closer, I could be your workout buddy. Although on some mornings I’d probably be more reluctant than your fat dog. 😉

  2. Nancy

    Maybe she doesn’t like to walk because she doesn’t have the concept down of anything outside her electric fence being safe. Come to think of it, do you really want her to think she is safe on the other side of that fence? Don’t you want that healthy fear of getting zapped to stay?

  3. Maybe some treats would help! I know it would help me. ;>)

  4. Scarlet and Thunder go on walks with no problem. They have learned that they are safe outside the fence if they are with us, but they will get zapped if they try to leave without us. We carry Thunder out, but Scarlet has learned that she can walk out as long as she is on the leash.

    N~ tried bribing Genji with a marshmallow yesterday. She was so busy fighting the walk that it didn’t even register with her. Of course, something meaty might work better.

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