Taking Teenagers to Work Out with Little Old Ladies

For our youth activity tonight, we took our Young Women to the local YMCA to do a water aerobics class taught by a member of our ward (congregation). I have never taken water aerobics before. I will admit there was some workout snobbery involved in that decision–I’d see a pool full of old ladies and assume that it wouldn’t be enough of a workout to make me feel like it was worth my time.

So, I went tonight with what I have to admit was a less-than-excited attitude about this activity. I figured that, at best, my involvement would amount to an unintentional lesson on chastity for the girls. Because, after giving birth to three kids, my body in a bathing suit compared to theirs can serve as one heck of a cautionary tale. Thank heavens I only wear a one-piece. Seeing my stretched-out tummy might just be enough to put them off of having children forever. At the very least, it might cure some of them of the desire to pierce their belly buttons–that ends up causing some freaky stretch marks.

But I digress.

Back to water aerobics. I assumed it was a wussy workout. I’ll never doubt the little old ladies ever again.

The truth is, I really enjoyed it, even though the drag from the water made it so I could feel my love handles continue in one direction while the rest of me attempted to go in another. I think that my arms just might be sore tomorrow. And I may just try to find a way to do it on some sort of a regular basis.

Of course, I came home to a bag of my favorite Halloween candy–chocolate balls filled with caramel and peanut butter. So all of the calories I just burned? Yeah, at best I’m breaking even (and that’s optimistic).


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5 responses to “Taking Teenagers to Work Out with Little Old Ladies

  1. AT least you gave it a try. I have the best of intentions, but haven’t yet lifted a finger…or a foot in exercise. I keep thinking that Maddie and I will use our free mornings to go walking…or biking. HA!

  2. It is so hard with kids. Before I got pregnant with E~, I would go to a morning class at the Y and let the kids play in the nursery. E~ is getting old enough to do that now, but now I do school with N~ in the morning. I could go in the afternoon, but then I would be sweaty and gross for the rest of the day.

    I keep thinking that someday I’ll figure out how to balance it all. Or not.

  3. What kind of candy is that? Sounds like you had a good time, all things considering. :o)

  4. LilolaDenvers

    I did the water aerobics at the Y for a bit… humiliating to have women 20 or 30 years your senior able to run you out of the water, figuratively speaking!

  5. Nicole

    I had a great time too, and I know the girls did as well. It must be all that resistance that makes it a tough workout. We’ll have to do it again!

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