My LDS Readers Will Appreciate This

The rest of you will probably just end up being very confused. (Sorry about that.)

This afternoon, we are taking off to visit Sean’s grandfather and his wife. (I know, I know–Conference. Don’t worry, I’ve already set the DVR, and we are coming home Saturday night.) The reason we are going this weekend is that the Masonic community where they are living is having a big Renaissance festival that we thought the kids would really enjoy seeing. We’ve been talking about it with them for the past few days.

Yesterday morning, N~ was asking me about jousting. He wanted to know if they would get hurt.

“Well,” I told him, “I think they will be dressed up like knights. Do you remember the knights we read about in the Jack and Annie book?”

Later, N~ told Sean with great enthusiasm, “They’re going to have knights at Gramps and Grandma Jean’s house! And they’ll have horses! And fight with swords!”

Awhile later, as we were eating dinner, W~ looked at us and said, “Why are they going to have Lamanites at Gramps and Grandma Jean’s house?”

We explained that there would be knights, not Lamanites.



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