Time Flies When You’re Baring Your Soul

One year ago today, I dipped my toe into the blogging water and introduced myself to the great unknown. I’m not sure who I thought would end up reading anything I wrote, or who would even care. Especially because I didn’t plan on telling my family about it at first (too bad I didn’t understand click-throughs–my sister knew I was here within the first couple of days). I was amazed when two different people left hello comments on that first post. I still read their blogs.

Over the past year and 225 posts, I have learned a lot. I have learned that I am more sane when I write out the things on my mind. I have learned that I can truly care about the well-being of people that I have never actually met. I have learned that, strangely, I can find out so much more about people I do know from the other side of a computer screen than I sometimes do face to face. And I have learned that people with wild ideas can find others who will agree with them no matter what they think (heck, I’m not even talking about you Obama supporters! LOL.).

It really is amazing to look back and see how much life I have lived in the past year. I’m so glad I’ve been recording it, and I plan to keep going. I’ve also been playing with the idea of starting something else–something that focuses less on me and my life and more on some broader topics. I’ll let you know when I’m ready to go there. Until then…

Happy Blogiversary to meeeeee….

Happy Blogiversary to meeeeee….


Pretends there is a candle to blow out before stuffing last last mint Oreo in her face.



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6 responses to “Time Flies When You’re Baring Your Soul

  1. Happy Bloggiversary! πŸ™‚

  2. mama2roo

    has it only been a year?? I read you everyday, though have been a pathetic commenter. I remember how surprised you were when I left you a comment after that post.

    Keep writing–I learn a lot from you as well!

  3. Nicole

    Yay! I too have found it to be theraputic, and a great way to connect with people. Keep us updated on your new project! πŸ™‚

  4. It’s been good to know you this year!

  5. I’ve always kept a journal – but blogging is much more fun! It’s been fun getting to know you through your posts. :o)

  6. Mmmm. Mint oreos!

    Happy Blogiversary!!! Glad I was part of the crew that helped encourage you to keep going once you’d started — and thank you, as you’ve been a light for me many times!

    Rock/Write on…


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