Mother I Love You (But…)

As N~ and I were doing school this morning, W~ came into the school room to tell me that the DVR’d episode of Scooby Doo he had been watching was over and a “boring grown-up show” had come on in its place. I told him to just play for a few minutes and I would come take care of it when there was a break in N’s lesson.

A few minutes later, W~ came back into the room.

“Mommy, what does Casanova mean?”

Yes, I got up then. Thank you, VH1.


A few days ago, my friend Nicole wrote a post about how her almost-four-year-old son, Benny, came up to her and serenaded her with a song professing his love for her. I asked her if she cried. I would have cried–and I have a cold dark spot where my emotions should reside. The video of Benny singing Mother I Love You is unspeakably sweet.

At the end of dinner this evening, W~ (who turns four within days of Benny) sat down next to me and said, “Mommy, I love you. But I love Daddy a lot more.”

Um, thanks.

As if to underscore the reasons for this, when I went to my voice lesson a little while later, Sean took the kids to the store and bought them pie.

He jumps on the trampoline with them while I cook dinner. I spend the whole day saying things like, “Don’t hit your brother with that golf club,” and, “God didn’t intend for toads to be projectiles.”

Dad is fun. Mom is functional.

I will admit to the urge to pull down the front of my pants right there in order to show him the huge scar where they had to cut me open when his particularly large head wouldn’t fit through my not-so-particularly-large hips. I resisted the urge.




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6 responses to “Mother I Love You (But…)

  1. But can Sean sing puccini while lying on his back? I think not.

  2. Lilola

    I have one just like that; everybody loves Ronald darling best, just ask him. He even had my mom saying it! And I didn’t know Sean could sing Puccini at all……

  3. Nicole

    That’s funny! When the kids are being disrespectful to me, Jon often scolds them with, “Do you know what your mother went through to get you here??!” But he’s definitely the favorite around here too. By the end of the day when he gets home, I have absolutely HAD IT with them most of the time, so he plays with them for hours… and they act as sweet as can be! Then he thinks I’m irrational for getting fed up with them. It’s a funny dynamic.

    But you’re a great mom and your kids adore you! You can see it in how they look at you.

  4. Well, I guess at least I have the fact that Sean doesn’t think I’m irrational for being DONE! Isn’t it funny how you can love them so completely, yet want to hide from them so desparately? But, yeah, it is the same around here–Daddy gets home and it is party time! N~ always asks me if I’m taking E~ with me on Wednesdays. When I say “yes” he practically does a happy dance–boy time with Daddy and no baby to screw it up!

    My sister refers to the whole thing as the men being the “novelty parent.”

  5. mama2roo

    “Dad is fun. Mom is functional.” Isn’t that just the truth?!? At our house Dad is all, “c’mon son, you be batman and I’ll be green goblin and we’ll go be superheroes and get the bad guys.” And I’m all, “pick-up-your-toys-o-my-goodness-theres-water-everywhere-did-you-poop-in-your-diaper-time-to-stop-playing-and-eat-its-bathtime”

  6. M~

    That sums it up perfectly. Life is just a never ending stream of stuff some (most) days, huh?

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