Really? Four Years Already?

Four years is a long time.

For instance, four years is how long I lived through the infertility rollercoaster before we adopted N~. In that case, four years felt like forever.

Four years is also, now, the length of time that has passed since W~ was born. This time, though, four years has just flown by.

Could it really already be four years since I was laying on a table, having my first pregnancy end in surgery after over thirty hours of induced labor (incase you were wondering, that would be another one of those times when time was going a little too slow for my preference šŸ™‚ )? Can it really be that the little baby who they almost took into intensive care is now a tank of a little boy who has proven over and over (much to my dismay) that he is all but indestructible?


At four-years-old, W~ consistently amazes me. Never mind that he looks so much older. He has always acted so much older than he is. He cracks me up with his observations. His has a very logical and analytical way of looking at life. Well, until he decides to do something that makes no sense. He is the classic example of all book smarts and no street smarts (playground smarts?).

Speaking of book smarts, W~ is all about learning anymore. He was absolutely thrilled that Elaine got him a kindergarten level workbook to work on. He loves to learn new things, and he picks up new concepts very quickly.

I’m also amazed how, at four years old, he already has such strong opinions. The other day, he came out holding N’s lone pair of boxer shorts.

“Mommy,” he told me, “I think that N~ has outgrown these.”

“I don’t think so,” I replied.

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure they are too small for him.” (Those who know my children should catch the irony here, since N~ is a bean pole and W~ has some junk in the trunk–lol.)

“Do you just want them?” I asked.

He smiled a little smile.


For his birthday, I got him a package of Batman boxers. I gave them to him on Saturday at the family birthday party. After his bath that night, we let him pick which pair he wanted to wear. The next morning, as he was dressing for church, he asked if he got to keep his new underwear on. We told him he could.

“Yes!” was his immediate reply.

W~ has eyes that could melt your heart, and a sly little grin that reveals the mischievous wheels turning in his head. He can infuriate me with his obstinace while making me chuckle at his creativity. He is truly one of a kind.

Happy birthday, son. I love you more than you could ever imagine.


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  1. Nicole

    I remember when we met we were both prego… VERY prego. I’m with you, I can’t believe it’s been 4 years!! Happy Birthday W! He’s such an adorable kid.

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