Reminder: Ethical Question

OK, I know you all are reading it. But only a few of you have answered my question. I am, of course, curious as to why. Do you not care? Are you afraid of being trapped by your stance? Do you suspect that you know where I’m going and don’t want to go there?

This isn’t the senate, folks. No voting “present.”

Seriously, read my question. Tell me what you think. I do have a reason that I’m asking, but there is so much more to it. Really, this is an important topic. There are currently about 27 million people enslaved throughout our world, and half or more are children.

This is a topic that isn’t discussed enough. It needs to be.

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One response to “Reminder: Ethical Question

  1. Well then. Since you insist. No matter the reason I would be uncomfortable “buying” anyone. Of course if it was to save them from something worse I would feel obligated. If it were indeed a child then I would make every effort to get the child adopted into a loving home so that they would never have knowledge of the “sale”. But first and foremost, I would try and do something (I don’t really know what) to stop the trade of human life. Imagine if the person in question were to gain knowledge of such a transaction? Assuming I had enough money to buy the person in the first place then perhaps I could use my influence to a greater good by somehow helping to bring the practise to an end. An idealistic view I imagine since this is probably a widespread practise that is kept highly underground.

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