Thirty Days of Thankfulness

I had pretty much made up my mind to take on the NaBloPoMo challenge this year (I half considered NaNoWriMo since I do have something I plan to write, but if I’m writing a novel, I’m taking my time and doing it right). Anyhow, I had decided to take up the challenge of writing every day, but wasn’t ready to share in case I didn’t do it (I know, I know–wienie move).

Then, today in church, we had a lesson that made me fully ready to commit. The lesson was all about having an attitude of gratitude. The woman teaching the lesson gave us each a piece of paper folded into a “journal” to keep track of five things we are grateful for every day for a week. And I thought, “Why stop at a week?”.

Several years ago, I bought a book called Simple Abundance. The whole thing was a challenge to discover your authentic self. I have considered pulling it out at times for prompts for blogging (quite honestly, the blogging kind of fulfils some of the work it suggests, although it doesn’t succeed in the area of writing without censoring yourself since so many people I know in real life read this 😉 ). One of the things the book suggests, though, it to keep a gratitude journal and write down five things in it every day–just like the challenge I was issued today. I used to do it. I still have the journal somewhere.

Since November is traditionally a time to consider the things we are thankful for (Thanksgiving, and all), I have decided to do Thirty Days of Thankfulness (well, technically 29 at this point, but I’ll do ten today to make up for missing yesterday). My goal is to end the month with 150 unique things that I am grateful for (call me on it if I repeat anything!).

Naturally, I would love it if my blog readers took the challenge with me. I would love to see all of the positives you find in your own lives. Leave me a comment if you plan on doing it, too, so that I make sure that I’m checking up on you every day!


Today (and yesterday) I’m grateful for:

  1. The “fall back” portion of daylight savings time and the extra hour of sleep it brings (although I’m still confused at the fact that we ended up being late to church today, anyhow).
  2. Flame red, orange, and yellow leaves to see on the drive to church today.
  3. Perfect temperatures that border on short- and long-sleeved weather.
  4. Naptime.
  5. The fact that none of my children have ever felt that the contents of his diaper would make an excellent artistic medium.
  6. The fact that conversations in the nursing mothers’ room at church can always make you feel better about your own parenting challenges (see #5).
  7. The challenge to recognize the things I’m grateful for.
  8. A wonderful husband who is a fantastic father to our children.
  9. Our children.
  10. Having a home that, while not my “ideal” house, would seem amazing to such a large population of the world.


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3 responses to “Thirty Days of Thankfulness

  1. That is s freakin’ AWESOME idea. I tried this awhile ago (gosh maybe during my adoption 2+ years ago?) and only made it like a week. I think it’s brilliant.

  2. Consider me in. I think I’ll do it on Sage Brush Diaries instead of Sunflower Seeds though. Thanks for the challenge!!!

  3. Nicole

    Oh… whoops! I just saw this! That’s an honorable goal! Way to go!

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