Five Things the Election Made Me Thankful For

Yes, my blog is in mourning. But, while I have definite concerns over the socialist leanings of our new President elect, life must go on. So, I will  now lay the issue of politics to rest (for awhile, at least) with today’s list of five things that I am grateful for–the election version.

Today I am Thankful For:

  1. The fact that the election is over. My candidate may have lost, but I am still doing a happy dance that I don’t have to hear about politics 24/7 anymore.
  2. In four year, Barack Obama will have the opportunity to run on his own record instead of George Bush’s. Whether he likes it or not.
  3. The Democrats didn’t end up with a super majority.
  4. Al Franken appears to have lost. Because Oh. My. Gosh. If he won? I think I’d take it as a sign of the apocalypse. I can understand wanting to vote for a Democrat, but Al Franken? I don’t get it. I am so glad that he won’t be making major decisions for our country.
  5. I live in a country that has moved forward far enough to elect a black president. Seriously. Even if I think that Obama is the wrong guy, I am happy to know that my biracial son will grow up in a world where a black president isn’t a foreign concept.  I’m grateful that he’ll see black role models on TV other than athletes and 50 Cent. This is a huge deal. Mr. Obama, please don’t screw it up.

And now, back to life.


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3 responses to “Five Things the Election Made Me Thankful For

  1. Nicole

    I’m with you… I’m so thrilled it’s OVER! I’ve gotten so sick and tired of the politics and all the negativity. It’s great that you’re trying to be grateful… was that triggered from our lesson on Sunday perhaps? 😉

  2. Good stuff. Keep it comin’.

  3. jenn

    Very well put! Might I add one more thing to be grateful for — PROP 8 PASSED!!!!!! (Thanks to all those volunteers in CA who donated time and money – as was requested by our Church leaders.)

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