I’ll be Even More Thankful When I’m Asleep

The hour is late and I am winding down from an evening of making a birthday present for my about-to-be-two-year-old niece whose birthday party is tomorrow. The party is at 11:00 am about an hour from my house, and it turns out that I didn’t buy enough of the plastic beads I need to finish the I-Spy bag that I am making. That means an early morning of running to the fabric store and final sewing before packing everyone in the car. Sigh. Such is life.

Today I am Thankful For:

  1. Being able to sew. I enjoy being able to make things with a personal touch.
  2. Dimples. Well, not some of the ones on my body…But my kids’ dimples. Every one of them has them. N~ has the super deep Mario Lopez dimples. W’s are subtle. E~ falls somewhere in between. And C~? He has this super cute dimple on the top of one cheek–totally different from the rest of us, with our mid-cheek dimples.
  3. Instant cookie dough. All the joy, none of the effort.
  4. N~ is starting to sound out some words! He is so anxious to be able to read, and he is finally starting to get there. It is really interesting to see how his mind processes, though. He is really good at spelling simple words, but then can’t read them easily after he spells them. Time and practice–we’re getting there.
  5. My Zune. I have this weird need for background noise unless I’m reading or writing. Of course, sometimes other people would like it quiet if I’m not actually watching the TV or following the radio. Enter my Zune. I am convinced, however, that most people would probably think I’m schizophrenic if they put on my headphones (of course, those of you who read my blog on a regular basis may already wonder about that…). I skip around from Chubby Checker, to Aerosmith, to Norah Jones, to the Nutcracker Suit, to When Johnny Comes Marching Home, to Shania Twain, and on, and on…There is no unifying theme to my musical taste.

Hopefully, soon, I’ll have a chance to write about some of the things pounding around in my little brain. But, for now, goodnight.


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