Slippin’ in Under the Wire

You would think that, knowing that I was going to a slumber party this evening (I came back home for the slumber part), that I might have prepared and did my blogging ahead of time. You would think wrong. So, briefly:

Today, I am Thankful For:

  1. A father-in-law who occasionally asks to take my older boys for sleepovers. As much as I love my children, I can still celebrate the idea of getting rid of them once in awhile.
  2. Chinese buffets. Or anything else that eliminates the necessity for me to cook, for that matter.
  3. Having my nieces over this evening. C~ was really upset about not getting to go to Grandpa’s house with his brothers, so it was great for him to get special time with his cousins doting over just him.
  4. Catchy music that helps me be-bop my way through the day with my sense of humor intact.
  5. Time spent in a room full of strictly estrogen-producers. Being part of Team Testosterone, I just don’t get nearly enough girl time. It is so wonderful to spend an evening with other women, talk about kids, politics, whatever, and know that it doesn’t have to have a point or be fixed. And no one is going to scream at the top of their lungs while jumping on the furniture with sticky hands. That’s always a plus.


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4 responses to “Slippin’ in Under the Wire

  1. The girls are all tucked in and I am reading blogs before going off to slumber…

    It was fun to chat with you tonight! And although I do occasionally feel tempted to scream while jumping on the furniture when discussing politics (only when talking to crazy liberals), I do manage to refrain, and I almost never have sticky hands!

  2. Hoping for change in 2012? I have a sack of nickels I could send ya …

  3. LOL, Sandra. Don’t get me wrong…I hope the man lives up to even a fraction of the hero worship that has been heaped upon him (just not the part where he turns up into a socialist nation…)

    Don’t worry, I plan on taking my header out of mourning as soon as I find the time to make a new one. And most of my political commentary will go on a conservative collaborative blog I’m doing with some other people (uh, hence the “collaborative” part–I’m smart like that).

  4. Jen,

    You’re as bad as I am (worse??? Blog reading at 2:30???). I came home, wrote, read, and watched tv. I don’t know what happened to the days when I could actually just fall asleep when I’m tired without some hour-long wind-down ritual.

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