Wii Need Advice (And Other Bits of Life)

I had a snowball fight with God today.


Seriously, when I left to go grocery shopping this morning, it was raining outside. By the time I got to my first destination (about eight minutes later!), it was–snowing? I mean, it was snow, but not the nice cheery snowflakes that drift down and make you all excited for the approaching holidays. No, these were big, wet, mini-snowball blobs that pelted me in the face and soaked me to the core. This condition persisted as I left the first store, entered the second store, came back out again, and unloaded my groceries from the car.

About ten minutes after I got home, it backed way the heck off. (Ha, ha, Lord. Veeeery funny.)


I have a question for you, my loyal readers. Please take this seriously and give me feedback–my kids’ Christmas joy may hang in the balance. 😉

Sean’s office mate finds himself in the odd position of having an extra Wii (I know!), and is trying to convince us to buy it for our kids for Christmas. At first, we weren’t interested. We thought our kids would be too young to consider a gaming system, you know? I’m starting to change my mind, though. My brother assures me that my kids would really be into it (he’s played one, but doesn’t own one, and his kids are older than mine, so this is his opinion, not tried and true fact from experience). I have no clue because I have never played a Wii. Ever. Yes, I live a sad and sheltered life.

So…I know that some of you have Wii’s. And have kids. And have combined the two. What do you think? Would this bring Christmas joy to a 5 1/2, 4, and 2 1/2 year old, or disappointment at the reduction in the present count? (Yes, that sounds horrible and greedy, but they are little kids with only basic understanding of monetary value and, let’s face it, unwrapping presents is a lot of fun.) My kids love their Leapsters, so I’m thinking it might be a hit.  And I’m also thinking about long winter months with energetic little boys trapped in the house–the chance to punch each other in the face virtually might reduce the number of times it occurs in reality.



Can I just tell you one more time how happy I am with my decision to not throw my kids in with the huddled masses of public school? My brother-in-law and nieces have been hanging out at our house since last night. He was telling me that his six-year-old daughter is getting special help because her school district said she only reads on the level of a kid in the fourth month of kindergarten.

OK, so N~ is in the third month of kindergarten and is currently working on the first in a series of nine phonics readers. Out of curiosity, I called my niece over and asked her if she wanted to work on reading with me. I handed her N’s reader.

No problem.

I went down and pulled out the ninth reader. She struggled on a couple of blends and sight words, but did fine. When we finished, I asked her what the story was about.

“Well, she took a bath at the end.”

“Why did she take a bath?”

“She got covered in mud.”

As this sufficiently summed up the entire plot line of the story, I’d say she’s doing ok on comprehending what she reads, too.

She may be a little behind, but to label her and make her self conscious? What happened to accepting the reality that some kids are able to read sooner than others? When I have talked to my pediatrician about reading, she has told me that anywhere from three to eight years old is considered developmentally on target. Obviously, school districts have decided otherwise.


Today, I am Thankful For:

  1. Coats, hats, and mittens. I would have been even more grateful if I had been wearing any of the above as I was pelted with snow blobs earlier.
  2. The luxury of a heating system that doesn’t require trips outside to chop wood while being pelted with snow blobs.
  3. Having my kids back home. Of course, I may not be quite as grateful for the recorders (you remember those loud, obnoxious whistles, right?) that their great-grandmother sent back with them.
  4. Good sales at the grocery store. And the opportunity to explain the concept of price per ounce to my nine-year-old niece, then watching her looking for the best deals on the things we were buying.
  5. That the fantastic specimen of decorum (aka crazy redneck lady) next to me at WalMart didn’t start throwing punches when she got mad at the woman in front of her that was taking too long at the self-checkout (sooooo not making this up). There were lots of obscenities screamed and “you want to do something about it?”-s yelled, but no actual hitting. Which is great, because filling out a police report takes awhile.


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5 responses to “Wii Need Advice (And Other Bits of Life)

  1. Katie-0 —

    I don’t have a Wii myself, but my stepson and his girlfriend/fiancee/(vague classification), who are both in their early 20’s, and are actually both in law enforcement, enjoy it quite a bit. If your kids can share it and not make it a point of contention (an not trash it, as my other stepson did with his [admitted primitive] gaming system), why not? Maybe think of it as a “family gift.”

    A warranty might be a consideration — they’re not cheap, but what is?

    There’s even the exercise software for it out there, for what that’s worth …

  2. I hope 5 and 4 year olds like it, ’cause I picked one up yesterday. Yeah, the idea of a long winter with nothing to do out here in the wilds of wheat land made it seem very appealing. So, you know, now you have to get if for no other reason that to keep up with the Jonses. 😉

  3. Elaine, you have no idea how ironic that comment was. I just got back from shopping with Mom. I was telling her about trying to decide and she told me that you had gotten one (Game Stop gets the Wii Fit boards in every week and said that it sometimes takes a couple of days before they sell out).

    I came home and told Sean that we had to get it now to keep up with the Joneses. Well, I didn’t say Joneses, I used your real last name with the -es at the end, but same concept.

    I think we’ll probably end up doing it. But not because you are. 😉

  4. I would say no, not if the main idea is to make the kids happy. My 6 year old is just now starting to use our wii (and he loves gaming) but we’ve had it for almost 2 years now and he did not use it when he was 4 or 5. The thing that makes it so cool is exactly what makes it harder for little ones to use. It uses your whole body, you have to coordinate multiple actions at once. Also, in my experience most of the games directed at little kids require LOTS of reading so they wouldn’t be appropriate for the pre-reading crowd.

    That said, if it were me I’d do it anyway because you and your husband WILL enjoy it even if you aren’t gaming people. Your kids may peripherally enjoy the game it comes with (they will probably be able to bowl and play baseball). So you’ll get gentle use out of it until such time as the serious investment comes into play. The games are NOT cheap and you’ll easily outspend the wii itself in games, sadly.

  5. deldobuss

    I have an 8 and 3 year old, and they love to play wii together. Their favorite games are Mario Kart Wii and Lego Batman. I don’t let them play it too often as we have other things to do (like school!) but it is a guarded special time that they look forward too. I think if you set it up as a special gift, not something you are just going to throw at them and say “here, entertain yourself” then they will appreciate it.

    Also, my husband enjoys playing golf and Lego Indiana Jones on it.

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