I Need to Bleach My Eyeballs

So, I mentioned yesterday that C~ has developed a love of Yo Gabba Gabba (heaven help me). For once, he not only has departed from following his brothers, but he has become quite the little trend setter. Yep. The other kids are following suit.

As I was starting dinner this evening, W~ asked me to put on Yo Gabba Gabba. A few minutes later, he came running out.

“Mommy! Today’s dancey dance friend is Leslie! Come see!”


As there were no bamboo sticks available to shove under my toenails, I decided to follow him back and take a look.


Shockingly, I couldn’t find a better video of this gem. Be grateful. It prevents you from fully seeing just how unfortunate this outfit choice was. I, however, stood there watching Leslie in her full glory, as my four-year-old little man encouraged me to dance the razzle dazzle with him.

I could feel my brain turn to mush and threaten to come bleeding out of my eyeballs.

I really don’t get this show. I mean, I guess small kids don’t know any better, but what adult in his right mind decided that this was broadcast worthy?

Even more frightening, there are apparently celebrity managers who think this is a great shot at boosting a faltering career. See, Sesame Street gets cool guests like Norah Jones, Ben Stiller, Neal Patrick Harris, and LL Cool J. Yo Gabba Gabba gets the people you would expect to find on VH1’s celebreality shows. Of course, Sesame Street doesn’t make their guests look like fools.

Biz Markie*


Elijah Wood


Are we noticing a theme here? People who record Yo Gabba Gabba are apparently not technological geniuses (hey, I don’t know how make a good recording, either, but I’m not wasting time trying to post The Puppet Master on YouTube). Lucky for Laila Ali, it would seem that no one wants to embarrass her enough to put her Gabba contribution on YouTube.

As far as I can tell, none of the Baldwin brothers have made a Gabba appearance so far. I feel confident, though, that Gary Busey will someday be on the show. He’d fit right in.



Today, I am Thankful For:

  1. Getting through my Tuesday of the week. Some people hate Mondays. I’m prejudiced against Tuesdays. That is Sean’s day to go to a networking meeting before work. It just so happens that it always seems to work out that between the baby waking to nurse, Sean getting ready, dogs snoring, and kids stirring, I’m usually awake from about 5:30 on every Tuesday. This does not excite me.
  2. Suzy Q’s. When I was doing my student teaching, I would grab a Suzy Q and a diet Mountain Dew every day during my cooperating teacher’s journalism class, which I used as a planning period. The kids in that class thought that was all I ever ate and were, therefore, convinced that I would die very young. I almost never buy them, but Sean picked some up for a special treat today. Yum.
  3. The fact that I can get my kids to clean their toys up by telling them it’s a competition and yelling, “Ready, set, GO!” I wonder how long that will work?
  4. Leapsters. If you are looking for a great Christmas present for your kid, I would totally recommend them. The kids love them, I get quiet(er) time, and they learn all kinds of stuff. An all around “win.”
  5. Having a significant portion of my Christmas shopping done. Yep, we decided to do the Wii. I’m excited about it. I hope that my kids will be, too.


*For those who don’t remember who Biz Markie is:


Yikes. That song is almost 20 years old. I think I’ll go put on some wrinkle cream, now.



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8 responses to “I Need to Bleach My Eyeballs

  1. hahah. It is the weirdest show ever. I really do believe it must be someone’s idea of an unfortunate practical joke. We are all being punk’d.

    Addy’s favorite dance is “glitter hands, glitter hands, razzo’ dazzo'” haha. She loves her some Leslie. And if I have to see her “Cool tricks, cool tricks” again, my head my explode!! I fear for her future. I think I’ll start saving now for the lifetime of therapy.

  2. Ah, the advantages of living on a tiny island in the middle of the Indian Ocean … only 1 TV station and nothing like this on.

    But, then again, are my children missing out? Will they rue a childhood spent without Yo Gabba? Will this limit their ability to go on Jeopardy someday?

    One hour of cartoons per day … more than half in French … does limit their shared cultural exposure.

    What the heck! The beach is better, and doesn’t rot their teeth … or eyeballs.

  3. Nicki,

    At least Addy is a little girl! I had to watch my little lumberjack of a boy doing jazz hands. I may be permanently scarred. šŸ˜‰


    I’d take the beach any day (I’m practically counting down the days to our Florida trip next month). Unfortunately, it is in the 30’s around here lately, which doesn’t exactly get kids excited about playing outside.

  4. metaphase

    Ok, what the heck is that show? I can be glad my kids haven’t found that one..yet. I’ll be on the lookout to keep it far away from our tv. Seriously, that girl in her outfit. It’s um, well, just a little wrong, as are her glasses from 1983. Sorry, lady!:)

  5. Nicole

    Suzy Q’s… yum. Thanks a lot for giving me a huge craving that probably won’t be satisfied until I give in! And, wow, I’m so glad we don’t have tv anymore. šŸ˜‰

  6. Christina

    Oh baby yooooooooooou! Okay, that song did NOT get any better with age! Holy cow how did it make it on the radio in the first place?
    I am counting my blessings that my kids are too old for Yo Gabba. We did succumb to Barney for a while, but that was as bad as it got.

  7. Metaphase,

    I think that it is on Noggin. It is actually frighteningly popular. Don’t ask me why.


    Sadly, Sean was all excited that I had found the video on YouTube. He kept saying something about forgettin how great that video was while he was watching it (???). I enjoyed the entertainment value, but I sure wouldn’t put it up there as the greatest *anything* ever!

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