A Little Gratitude Before I Go to Sleep

Today, I am Thankful For:

  1. Girls’ night out. For the second time in as many weeks. I know! I might be confused for someone with a social life! Of course, I still had to be a wet blanket and go home for the evening while most of the rest of the girls went to the Twilight premiere. I’ll catch it when it hits the RedBox (Gasp! Heresy!).
  2. Having my sister and her kids down for the weekend. Cousins=entertained kids. I’m looking forward to a weekend of kids who won’t complain that they are bored. At least they better not, or I’ll throw them out in the snow.
  3. Four wheel drive. Because I really wasn’t interested in hitting a concrete barrier tonight. Darn black ice.
  4. Sean’s craving for something sweet this evening. Nothing beats coming home to butterscotch pudding in mini graham cracker pie crusts. Yummmm
  5. That C~ got to have an afternoon alone with Sean’s dad. He was pretty upset when his brothers had their sleepover last week without him, so he loved getting to do his own special day today.

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One response to “A Little Gratitude Before I Go to Sleep

  1. I’m so glad you came to the party!

    Oh, and if you decide you do want to go see the movie in the theater, I’ll go again with you! ;D

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