And It Was Good

Today, I am Thankful For:

  1. The fact that my internet wasn’t working this morning. It made it all that much easier to justify letting N~ spend the day playing with his brothers and cousins instead of doing school. And he’s such a great kid that, at one point, he even reminded me that we hadn’t done school, even though he didn’t want to. He was thrilled when I told him that I was giving him the day off.
  2. My kids getting to play with their cousins all day long. They had a blast, I didn’t have to worry about entertaining them, and oh my gosh bedtime was a breeze tonight.
  3. My husband pointing out to me that there were programs about bonded laborers and sex slaves coming on. I DVR’d them and am really interested to see what they discuss. Yes, I am still very interested in this topic, am still reading a book about sexual slavery in eastern Europe, and have a couple of other books on human trafficking that I would like to read. It is heartbreaking. There just has to be a way to help these people.
  4. A refrigerator without any science experiment starter kits. Sometimes, I miss having my brother-in-law live with us. At least when he was around, I never had to worry about leftovers getting pushed back so far that they were forgotten until they started to stink. (Note to self: Never forget about leftover broccoli.) The problem has been rectified–opening the refrigerator is no longer a cause to gasp for air.
  5. The fact that E~ hasn’t woken up once since I put him to bed almost four hours ago. Granted, this may have to do with overwhelming exhaustion due to waking up constantly last night. I don’t care, though. I can’t remember the last time I had an evening that was this non-stop productive. Heck, I even got all of my laundry folded, and that’s something that anyone can feel thankful for.

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