Retail Therapy, My…

Why is it that going clothes shopping always sounds like so much fun, but I always end up so frustrated and depressed when I try to do it?

Hearing that there was a big sale at a local department store today, and getting the no-guilt green light from my husband, I headed off with my sister-in-law to try and find some much needed church shoes and winter tops. The store was a shopper’s Mecca–cute clothes and deep discounts. I wandered through racks. I grabbed things that were sure to be adorable. I went to the dressing room to try it all on.


That’s the sound of my cute wardrobe hopes being turned to an oozing spot of gore. Seriously, everything ends up either too long (my legs are short enough without my clothes making them look shorter, thank you), too tight in the chest (I take back all of those years wishing for big boobs), or just…wrong. I had a few things that almost did it for me, but something always got in the way. As my sister-in-law continued to put things she wanted into the cart, I just developed hair static (you can only pull so many sweaters over your head before you develop a positive charge) and a bout of depression.

And then I saw it. A long sweater jacket with cute ruffles down the front. I put it on and loved it. Of course, it wasn’t something that I actually needed and, even on sale, it cost more than I normally spend for one item of clothing. I just didn’t feel like I could justify it. So, naturally, my sister (who we ended up meeting there) bought it for herself. How’s that for a little salt in the wound?

When I got home, Sean went through the usual eye rolling about the fact that I couldn’t find anything that I liked. I glumly recounted the tale of the unneeded sweater jacket. After the conversation, he left the room. A few minutes later, he came back and handed me some money.

“Go buy yourself the sweater,” he commanded.

Of course, I told him “no.” We went back and forth for several minutes–me saying that I didn’t actually need it, and him telling me that he wanted me to have it. I finally gave in and went back to the store.

I didn’t buy the sweater.

I was going to. Really, I was. But, when I put it on again, I didn’t like it as much as this afternoon. Something about the ruffles was making my shoulders look really wide. Once again, it just didn’t feel right.

Before any of you decide to hit me upside my head, let me say that I did not leave empty-handed. Since I was wearing a different shirt this time, I tried on another sweater that I had come close to buying earlier. With the right kind of shirt under it, I loved it. And the best part? It’s orange! Not pumpkin orange, but a great autumnal shade of orange–a color that I love. And, as long as it took to get there, I’m happy.

But it may be months before I’m ready to go through the shopping ordeal again.


Today, I am Thankful For:

  1. A husband who pushes me to do things for myself, since I’m not usually inclined to.
  2. Finding a cute sweater and, at the very least, having one more item of warm clothing.
  3. The resiliency of childhood, and the fact that some stories and a cap gun are able to distract from hurt feelings.
  4. An epiphany I had today. Sorry, I’m not sharing what it was. The one downfall of sharing my blog with people I really know is that sometimes, as much as I want to write about it, it is just better left unsaid.
  5. My computer geek stud younger brother who figured out why the microphone I was hooking up to my laptop wasn’t working. What seems obvious to some of us, would never occurs to others (namely, me). And who the heck thought it was a good idea to hide the microphone volume in the control panel with the default volume turned all the way down, anyhow?

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  1. I love orange – you should post a picture of the sweater!

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