Stepping Back (or Sucking Up)

You know, it’s funny–even though I know that there are a lot of people who read my blog that I have no clue who they are, I always write under the assumption that the people reading “get” me. You know, that they understand that I’m prone towards the dramatic in my descriptions.

And then, one of the people who makes Yo Gabba Gabba! goes and leaves a comment on my blog saying he’s sorry I don’t like their show.

Internet, I’m blushing.

My best guess is that my commenter is in charge of post-production for the show. I base this on the show’s credits, which do list a Craig, and his email address (which, obviously, I’m not sharing), where he is also “Craig,” as opposed to “CraigX, “Craig2,” or “CoffeeLackeyCraig.” So, if there is more than one “Craig” involved with the show, I’m assuming he’s the more important one. And, obviously, I don’t want my negative comments to send him into a downward spiral of depression that could effect Gabba production for future generations. Because we all know that my opinions carry enough weight to change the earth’s gravitational pull (ha!).

Or maybe I just want to seem fair and balanced because, you know the term “familiarity breeds contempt”? My picking on Yo Gabba Gabba! is based on the fact that it is now a regular presence in my home. My kids love it. So, even if I don’t get it, they do. I have a DVR full of episodes to prove it.

So, although I have obviously already blown any hope of a future corporate Gabba sponsorship for my blog, I thought I would extend my own little olive branch to its creators (who obviously don’t need me to feel successful, they have merchandising deals to do that. Which reminds me, I think my 2-year-old would be more excited about potty training if it meant he got to wear Brobee across his bottom, so you may want to consider underwear). This is why today’s installment of “Thirty Days of Thankfulness” will be dedicated to Yo Gabba Gabba!.


Five Reasons I’m Thankful for Yo Gabba Gabba!:

  1. There is a really good chance that my kids will be dancing while watching the show, instead of just sitting in front of the TV like doughy little blobs (which is still worse than watching your son make jazz hands).
  2. Every episode teaches concepts like manners, hygiene, and morals. Compare this to the first episode I ever saw of Sponge Bob where, when Patrick finally decided to tell the truth about taking the clam’s pearl (Clam??? Was their actor unable to say “oyster”?), a whole stadium full of people sea creatures start throwing things at him. Yeah, great lesson on honesty. And no, there is no Sponge Bob on my DVR.
  3. The whole episode is summarized at the end. Once. Briefly. So no one is yelling, “Again, Again!” every couple of minutes and forcing you to watch each segment twice. Of course, I still maintain that the summaries embody everything I’ve ever been told about the experience of an acid trip.
  4. Brobee. I think C~ might actually be thrilled at the concept of finding a monster under his bed.
  5. Half an hour of “safe” entertainment for my kids, which means half an hour of relative peace and quiet for me. Yep, I’m that parent. Hey, I had four kids in under five years–don’t judge me. You’d need a break, too.
  6. That’s right, I’m giving you a bonus reason: At least my kids aren’t into the Doodlebops. ‘Nuff said.


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2 responses to “Stepping Back (or Sucking Up)

  1. Busted! 🙂 What are the chances of a guy who works for the show reading your blog… Of all the luck!

  2. HAHAHA! Nice Save 😉

    I am sorry to hijack your blog, but I have to tell Craig…

    I was so excited to see the first episode of YGG because of the oft played preview hiliting the song “Party in my Tummy” and the value of eating green veggies/balanced meal. I Love That Song. We watched the episode. However my kid STILL won’t eat green veggies. Please help. 😉

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