Go Ahead, Ask Me How My Day’s Been

Do you ever have one of those days where you feel like you are living in a sitcom? Like your life has just turned into some screwed up Truman Show spin-off?

Yeah, it’s been one of those days.

It started with one of those nights where the baby tossed, turned, wanted to nurse constantly, and was just a general malcontent. Of course, there is nothing unusual about me getting a crappy night’s sleep. So, just to keep things fresh, he decided to throw up at 5:30 this morning.

Baby’s first puke is not a milestone you want to hit on the day before Thanksgiving, when you have crazy amounts of things to get accomplished.

And, while the vomiting ceased after that first rumbling spew, we still went through numerous outfits today while dealing with issues on the other end. Between the blowouts and the fact that C~ developed an actual excitement over the concept of potty training when I allowed forced him to put on some underwear yesterday, well, my laundry pile grew significantly today. And I washed all of it.

Being the day before Thanksgiving, I decided that I wanted to do as much of my meal preparation today as I possibly could, so I could actually enjoy the holiday instead of being stressed out of my mind trying to get everything done on time. I’m not doing the whole dinner (by a long shot), but the stuff I am making takes time.

Since I am making twice-baked sweet potato boats (hours of work, and worth every second), I decided to start those first. I put the potatoes in the oven for their first baking around lunch time today. Shortly after I took them out over an hour later, my big dog wanted let in the house. As she walked by, I noticed something odd-looking about her shoulder. I called her back and took a look.

She had a gaping wound.

I don’t know if some dog wandered into our yard and got a good chomp in, or if she caught it on something and ripped herself open, but her skin was hanging open. I called Sean, and he agreed to come home since he was having a slow day anyhow, and there was no way I was dragging four kids and a bloody dog to the vet’s together.

Knowing that he would be home in about forty minutes, I called the vet to get us in. I was informed that if I wanted my dog stitched up, I would have her there in thirty minutes or less (ok, I don’t blame them–they do have appointments). I had to make my sick mother watch my kids so I could take off right then.

An hour later, as I was paying $141 (choke, cough, cough) to get my dog out of hock, my cell phone rang. It was two-year-old C~.

“Mommy, guess what I did!”

Given the aforementioned potty interest and my knowledge of what had and had not happened so far today, I was pretty sure I knew.

“Did you go poo poo in the potty?” I asked him.


I celebrated his great accomplishment with him. Then I hung up and cursed my luck. You see, I have been promising him for weeks that the first time he poops on the potty, I would make him a cake. One more thing was added to the list of things to chain me to the kitchen this evening.

As busy as it has been, my progress has been good. The dog is sewn up (and wearing a t-shirt since the wound still bleeds a bit and I don’t want dog blood all over my house). Dinner was made. The cake was baked and decorated (where’s a Mr. Hanky candle when you need one?). My sweet potatoes have been baked, scooped, mixed, stuffed, and are ready for their second baking tomorrow. The pumpkin cheesecake is chilling in the refrigerator.

With all of the prep-work for tomorrow’s food taken care of, I decided to turn my attention to some housekeeping matters. I needed to clean the ferret’s cage and put clean sheets on the the bed in the guest dungeon since my brother-in-law is spending the night here tonight.

As I was putting the bottom sheet on, I brushed past an antique sewing machine sitting close to the bed. I felt a poke. I quickly became aware of the unfortunate reality that my satin pajama pants were now stuck to my cellulite.


I couldn’t make this stuff up–nor would I want to. Have you ever tried to remove a splinter from the back of your own leg? Not fun.

I’m almost afraid of going to bed. Who knows what could go wrong with my eyes closed.


Today, I am Thankful For:

  1. Being able to get Scarlet in with the regular vet. Because, holy crap, if I had to got to the emergency vet for that, I may have had to sever a limb or promise my fifth-born for payment. And I really wasn’t interested in spending my holiday looking at exposed dog meat.
  2. That Sean folded a large portion of the laundry that I washed today. More still needs to be folded, but he definitely lightened the load significantly.
  3. C’s sudden momentum with potty training. I have now been changing diapers for five and a half years solid. Not that getting him out of them would mean that I was done–E’s got quite awhile to go. Still, only having to diaper one butt would be a welcome change.
  4. The fact that my brother-in-law brought his Guitar Hero game over (which I have still not played). The kids loved playing it with the men (bodes well for Christmas!), and Sean and his brother are still playing it right now. And I’m sitting here thinking that it is suddenly not so hard to imagine the days when they were both sporting mullets and heavy metal t-shirts (a hilarious image on my clean-cut husband).
  5. The twenty minutes I spent on the couch watching Scooby Doo with W~ when everyone else went to the store and he decided to stay behind with me. It is so rare that he and I get time alone together. He sat and told me the entire plot line of the show, snuggled into me, held my hand, laid his head on my lap, and told me he loved me. Later, I told him that it was the best part of my entire day. And I meant it. He is such a great kid.


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3 responses to “Go Ahead, Ask Me How My Day’s Been

  1. Here I sit, the devoted dog-lover… and while I am sympathetic to all the trials and trauma in your day, what I am most upset about is your poor little doggie! I sure hope she’s OK!

    Congrats on the potty training, snuggles with W~, and all that you accomplished today!

    Give Scarlet extra love for me! 😉

  2. Holy crud you deserve a vacation!

  3. Satin pajamas…. oh, to be young again! LOL
    Take care of yourself!

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