A Day to Remember (Even if I Want to Forget)

So, yesterday was ridiculously stressful. Fairness dictates that I got a nice, relaxing holiday, right? RIGHT?


Well, the morning went well enough. I got to sleep in a bit. E~ was doing much better today; our worst issue at this point is diaper rash. I even felt under control enough to finally try out Guitar Hero (apparently, Barracuda is not a good song for a brand new beginner). I got showered and ready for my day at a leisurely pace. The weather was nice, so my kids spent a lot of time playing outside with their cousins.

I decided to go next door and visit with family for an hour or so before doing my final prep on the sweet potatoes and corn pudding. As soon as I walked in the door, I was told that the button had already popped on the turkey–two hours before expected. I went right back out the door and started the mad dash that was supposed to be easy and stress-free cooking. Thank heavens I did all that I did yesterday.

With everything finished, we loaded up the tables, said a blessing, got plates together for the kids, then started to fill our own plates.

That’s when W~ threw up. Twice.

Miraculously, he missed the cousin next to him (as well as all of the plates of food surrounding him). Needless to say, I was running a carpet cleaner while  everyone else was eating dinner. Sean took W~ home, and I had to bring a plate of food to him.

Good times.

And, while W~ seems to be heading in the right direction (after throwing up a third time later in the day), N~ went to bed complaining of an upset tummy. The poor kid is currently sleeping with his head in a bucket. OK, not really. It is actually a large bowl. But he has positioned it to catch the puke if he starts vomiting in his sleep. Never mind the rebound barf spatter that would end up on his face. Or the potential to choke and drown.

We will be moving it before we go to bed. I’d rather him be mad at us for letting him puke on himself (truly, he was terrified of that happening), than dead from sleeping with his head in a bowl. That might be a tough one to explain to Children’s Services.


Today, I am Thankful For:

  1. Pumpkin cheesecake. Mmmmm. I think this one was the best I’ve managed to make.
  2. The fact that W~ and E~ are both past the puking phase. Two down, two (most likely) to go. Yay.
  3. The time my kids got to spend playing with cousins and raking leaves (voluntarily!). They love getting to play, I love getting the break (and easy bedtime).
  4. Living in a land of such amazing abundance. Even the poor of our country are frequently so much better of than people in most other countries. We really do take for granted just how much we have.
  5. The time I got to spend with my little brother and his family today. They haven’t been back in the area for that long, so we haven’t been close for years. I really enjoyed going on walks, talking, and hanging out with them for a big portion of the day today. It’s nice to have him in the same state again.

Happy (and vomit-free) Thanksgiving to you all!



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2 responses to “A Day to Remember (Even if I Want to Forget)

  1. Awww…that stinks! Hope the little one is feeling better soon…and that nobody else catches this yucky bug! 🙂

  2. Poor kids….Poor YOU!

    Your pumpkin cheesecake sounds yummy, though! Happy Thanksgiving!

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