Just a Quick One

We are currently out of town, visiting Sean’s Grandfather and his wife (because we apparently like the idea of playing Vomit Roullet), so I’ll get right to the point.


Today, I am Thankful For:

  1. Cut-your-own Christmas tree farms. I love going out every year on the hunt for the perfect Christmas tree. This year’s doesn’t have the long needles that I prefer, but it is a wonderful, bushy tree.
  2. A three hour car ride with napping children.
  3. A three hour car ride during which no one vomited.
  4. The chance to do a second Thanksgiving with more family. It is such a great thing to be with those you love.
  5. My cell phone, which allows me to read all of your blogs, no matter where I am.

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One response to “Just a Quick One

  1. How cool to be able to check blogs on your phone! What kind of phone/plan do you have? That might just make my Christmas list! :o)

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