‘Twas the night before shipping deadlines,
And all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring
Except me and my mouse.

The pictures uploaded
And laid out with care,
In hopes that by Christmas
The in-laws presents will be here.

How many years now have I made photo albums for Sean’s family? Four? Five? You would think by now that I would decide to pass on the holiday tradition of waiting until the last possible second to order them. With the family Christmas party this weekend, there is no way that I will have them in time for the official celebration. They should arrive by Christmas, though. That’s the most important thing to me, since we leave for Florida the next day, and I know that we need to deliver his great aunt’s by hand while we are there. She just finally got last year’s less than a month ago (not our fault, by the way).

The whole Christmas holiday is wearing me out. I went and did most of my Christmas shopping this past Saturday. While I was fighting the onset of a migraine. Good times. I all but struck out at Target and WalMart, given my unwillingness to buy meaningless crap just to be done with the shopping.

In desperation, I headed over to the Toys R Us by our local mall. At dinnertime. Talk about the belly of the beast. I think I know how Jonah felt. The place swallowed me up and puked me back out. But, I did finally find gifts for my kids there, so it was worth the excruciating experience.

So, at this point, I have bought presents for my kids and husband and have ordered the photo albums for Sean’s family. That just leaves my parents. I was thinking about getting them these:

senior discount hat

Maybe not.

Seriously, who would be that tacky??? Or cheap and curmudgeonly?

And I’m no closer to a gift for my parents, who are notoriously difficult to shop for. If they want something, they just go out and buy it.

Sucks to be them.



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6 responses to “Screw(g)ed

  1. Unfortunately, I don’t have a Target or Toys R Us within an hour driving distance and I’m not THAT desperate…yet. I have eight days left…and a lot more shopping to do.
    I’m thinking you should nix the hat idea. ;>)

  2. Jana

    My parents are hard to buy for too. When I asked my dad what he wanted, he said to get some Old Bay Seasoning. To put on fish. At least it will get used.

  3. Nancy

    If I had any ideas on what to get your Dad, I’d be buying it myself. I’m as stumped as you are.

    I wouldn’t mind a picture of all of you. Definitely nix the hats, unless you want to be ostracized.

  4. Christina

    Love the poem! And totally feel your pain. I’m headed back out to Walmart and Toys R Us today… blech!

  5. I say go for it, they could probably use a good laugh. No?
    I got my dad a personalized calendar of his grandkids that he hangs up at work every year. This year he made double sure I was getting it for him. An idea for next year for you maybe?

  6. Nicole

    I’m with you 100%
    I absolutely detest holiday shopping. So I order gifts online… thank goodness for technology!! By the way, I hope you’re feeling better now. Sorry the activity last night was tough for you! 😉

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