To Do:

  1. Get dog’s stitches out (um, should have done this a week or two ago).
  2. Buy more Christmas presents for kids. No, I didn’t decide to be more indulgent. Sean’s grandfather decided it is too hard to shop for my kids (tell me about it!) and gave Sean money to buy presents for them. Oh, and the family party is tomorrow, so could we bring those–wrapped–for them to open from him then? That would be great. (Can you hear me twitching from there?)
  3. Wrap all of the Christmas presents that I have bought, too.
  4. Grocery shopping. Including stuff for fruit salad for tomorrow’s party and appetizers for my brother’s shindig on Christmas Eve.
  5. Start finding and packing summer clothes for our trip to Florida the day after Christmas.
  6. Practice song I am singing in church tomorrow.
  7. Attempt to continue functioning in the roles of wife and mother.

So far, I have showered, eaten breakfast, and thrown dinner in the crock pot.

Is it too late to go back to bed?



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2 responses to “To Do:

  1. I think you’re doing great. Blog first and then everything falls into place is a philosophy I’ve long subscribed to!

  2. I like #6. That’s a great thing to do today! :o)

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