And the Winner Is…

OK, so it has been no big secret that I really don’t get all of the hullabaloo over the Twilight series. I mean, they were kind of a fun read, if you ignore the dysfunctional relationships, repeated use of the same three words, and cheesy ending to the series.

But the obsession? The twitterpating? Just. Don’t. Get it.

And, of course, up until now, my older sister has been about the worst of the Twi-hards. She thinks I’m dead inside. I think that she’s going through a mid-life crisis. Whatever–we just have to agree to disagree on the merits of the series.

The point of all of this, though, is that she’s no longer the queen of the vampire freaks. Oh no, she has definitely been dethroned.

Yesterday, we had a big Christmas party with Sean’s family. I walked in the front door and his twenty-year-old cousin came running up to me.

“You have to see my new tattoo!” she gushed (although, if she were a character in the books, she would have been glaring while she smoldered it).

Now, this cousin already has a couple of tattoos. The first one was a tiny flower on the side of her foot. Nothing horrible. The second one is a huge, heart-shaped Celtic knot thingy with her son’s name under it. But at least it is on her rib cage and, therefore, usually hidden.

She held out her arm. On her wrist, in thick, black lettering, is the word “Twilight.” She just took the book with her, pointed to the title, and said, “Do that.”

You know, some day she really isn’t going to care about those books. And there is no covering this thing, unless she wants to wear really long sleeves for the rest of her life.

When you can live forever, what do you permanently scrawl on your body?




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7 responses to “And the Winner Is…

  1. Oh. My. Goodness. I’ve heard of lots of crazy (stupid) tattoos, but that one takes the cake. Tell me you took a picture.

  2. Un-BE-lievable! I’m not a tattoo fan in the first place…I can’t imagine doing anything close to that even under punishment of death! I’m with Julie…I’d like to see a pic! 🙂

  3. Wow. I liked TWILIGHT, personally, but to tattoo it on yourself? LOL

  4. Sorry, guys, no pictures! I couldn’t exactly ask her to hold out her arm so I could take a picture to mock her decision on my blog (mock is a strong word–maybe, um, question it?). I’ve checked her MySpace page, and she hasn’t put up a pic of it, yet (she actually has a photo folder dedicated to her tattoos). Like I said, though, it looks JUST like the lettering on the book and movie, except in black instead of white.

  5. Oh boy, there is no way I’d ever tatoo anything on my body let alone something so odd as the title of a book. I have always wondered what tatoos would look like on a 90 y/o, used up, saggy body that I’m going to have. Stretched out hearts look mighty funny!

  6. Wow. Just …wow.

    I’m a fan of the books, although I would never consider tatooing myself in honor of them. (Or for any other reason, for that matter.)

    I’ve heard that people are getting all kinds of Twilight tattoos, like lines from the books (So the lion fell in love with the lamb, etc.) and such, but just the name of the book? Just…Twilight? I don’t get it.

  7. I just can’t agree with you more about the hype. I read the books and enjoyed them for the most part, but I just couldn’t get over how ready to die Bella acted! I’ve personally known people that insecure, and it was never fun being on the receiving end of their “friendship”. Definitely not the role model I’d like for any future teen daughter(s).

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