This is the (Sometimes Too Real) Life

First–thank you all for your congratulations and well-wishes. I feel guilty about not responding to all of the comments, but I haven’t been around my computer much the past few days. I’m afraid to even look at my Google reader and see how many blog posts are waiting for me to catch up on reading. But I have been checking your comments from my phone, and they have been awesome to see.


You know what I was saying the other day about perfect days?

Monday, we got up, got ready, and headed to the beach. The kids played in the sand and the (little) waves. We had boogie boards, so they paddled themselves around. They dug in the sand, building ponds and dams. C~ and I walked up and down the shore, watching for the abundant hermit crabs scuttling around in the water. He would get down on hands and knees, watching them move. He went back and forth between asking me to pick them up, and begging to pick them up himself (which he did very carefully, and always put them back gently). We ate leftover pizza on the beach and just had a fabulous time soaking in the sunlight that is so scarce in our area this time of year.

That night, we headed to a local park where the kids ran through fountains and tossed footballs while the adults grilled steaks with mushrooms and baked potatoes. We all ate them and some awesome fruit together before heading home for the evening.

It was a wonderful day.

Too bad it’s all gone to crap since then.

I woke up in the middle of the night Monday to the sound of Sean shivering next too me. When we got up yesterday morning, he couldn’t even stand up straight due to a backache. He’s been congested, had a sore throat, and has been running a fever. In short, he has the flu, and he’s worthless. He has spent much of the past two days passed out, which has left me trying to deal with kids mostly alone (although today was not nearly as bad as yesterday).

Of course, yesterday was also the day that we had committed to go to his great-aunt’s house. There was no way we could bow out since we knew she had been killing herself to make a whole turkey dinner. We drug his sorry butt the 45 minutes to her place, where she tried repeatedly to pump him full of her prescription medication and, I’m certain, thought I was a horrible person when I told her that a fever of 102.4 was not cause for a visit to the emergency room. We ended up leaving early, so we will make another trip down there this week to make up for it.

This morning, when E~ woke up at 5:30 and wouldn’t go back to sleep, and it was obvious that Sean still wasn’t in any mood to contribute to the parenting, I cried. Literally. And I’m not a crier. But, dang it, I haven’t been getting enough sleep, I have overstimulated kids who are off of their normal schedule, and I’m in my first trimester. That last one alone is enough to justify the constant, bone-numbing exhaustion. This morning, though, it was just too much. I had me a mini-breakdown.

Thankfully, my mother-in-law decided to step in and play angel of mercy. She and her husband took all four kids to a local children’s museum that recently opened. During the few hours that they were gone, I was able to get a shower and take a nap. Life was tolerable again after that–especially since she and I went shopping later while the kids took naps.

Which brings me to yet another reason why I wish I could spend two or three months a year down here (that would be the time between Christmas and Spring). We visited the most amazing produce stand today. Honestly, traffic around it was screwed up from all of the people trying to pull in and out. I couldn’t help grabbing pineapple, coconut, blueberries, plums and sugar snap peas to snack on (in addition to the stuff we actually went there for).

Ahhh…This is the life.

Sean will be better tomorrow. He doesn’t have a choice. I’ll have to beat the snot out of him if he isn’t.



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5 responses to “This is the (Sometimes Too Real) Life

  1. I’m sorry its been so tough the last couple of days. Its hard enough to parent four kids on your own, when you’re NOT pregnant. I can’t imagine what its like when you’re nauseus and pass-out tired. ((hugs)) to you (but not too close. You know…in case the morning sickness hits! 🙂

  2. That produce stand sounds amazing!

  3. Nicole

    Wow, that sounds just awful! I’m so sorry. I have so had moments/days like that… when it just feels like it’s too much. Thank goodness for Mother in-laws and naps. 😉
    We miss you!

  4. Hope Sean feels better and that no one else gets sick!

  5. Nancy

    How sad that Sean isn’t able to enjoy the time with his mother. Hope you get at least one good day in – I guess that would have to be tomorrow.

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