Shaken, Not Stirred

I know that a lot of you read my mom’s and sister’s blogs, so you already know what my family went through yesterday. I also see a noticeably large number of hits yesterday and today, considering the fact that I haven’t written anything in days, so I’m assuming that you are waiting to hear from me, too.

First, we are all ok.

Well, I may look a little like Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas, and I’m going to probably have a scar that closely resembles Frida Kahlo’s unibrow, but that’s what they make concealer for. And, really, better me than any of my kids.

For those of you who don’t already know, my family and I were in a very severe car accident yesterday afternoon. We were driving home from Florida and had hit rainy weather while going through Berea, Kentucky. We hit what we found out was a notorious stretch of highway and hydroplaned while going about 70 mph. Sean wasn’t able to regain control, we were shot off of the highway, and went down a very steep ravine.

I don’t know how many times we rolled. All I know is that we came to rest upside down over a narrow creek. Sean and I were able to free ourselves and crawl out our windows. I managed to get out N~ and C~, who were both in the back seat. Sean got W~ and E~ out of the middle seat.

We all walked away from the car.

I’m still processing that fact. The emergency responders were having a tough time processing it, too. They kept asking us if everyone was out. They couldn’t believe that we freed ourselves. They couldn’t believe that we walked away. I found out later that someone else died in the same area a couple of weeks ago.

I usually try not to be overbearing with my religious feelings and belief. I’ll warn you: all bets are about to be off.

There is a God. I have six reasons to be sure of that today–all of whom are alright. Sean and the kids have some bumps and bruises, but I’m the only one who was even cut (I have stitches from my eyebrow, across my nose, and almost to the other eyebrow, more on my eyelid, some above my eye, and more repairing the 3+ inch gash across my chest. N~ and I are the only ones who were treated at the hospital (he had pain in his chest from the seat belt–they did x-rays and everything is ok). EMS checked Sean and the other kids at the scene, and everyone appeared just fine. All of the kids are playing today with very little complaints of soreness.

We were protected. That is all there is to it. We shouldn’t even be alive, let alone fine.

In addition to stitching me up, they did an ultrasound to check on the baby. Strong heartbeat. No signs of bleeding. A healthy pregnancy that, as I suspected, is right around ten weeks along.

Make that seven reasons to know that God was watching over us.

Of course, we are all traumatized. The kids keep telling me that they didn’t like it when the car fell over. N~ didn’t want to sleep in his bed last night, so we set up an air mattress on the floor next to our bed for him. Our car is totalled. We had a lot of electronics equipments (our laptops, the Wii, the kids Leapsters, DVD players, etc.) that ended up in the creek. Prospects are not looking good for them. Good thing Sean is an insurance agent and we have it all covered.

And, even if we didn’t, so what. It is just stuff. All that matters is that the irreplaceable things are quietly watching a movie in their own bedroom.


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13 responses to “Shaken, Not Stirred

  1. It took you long enough to post, I’ve been waiting and waiting! 🙂 I am so glad you are all okay, including the tadpole. We were praying all day.

  2. So glad that you are all okay. Another good reason to keep up those family prayers!

  3. So glad that everyone is ok, was thinking of you all yesterday with Elaine’s updates. What a scary, scary experience. I’ll admit I’m not the most religious person, but I don’t see how anyone anywhere could argue with the idea that someone was absolutely watching over you yesterday. Whew.

  4. Christina

    Yep, I’ve been checking your site and waiting for the first-hand account. As I said to your sister… Thank God, Thank God, THANK GOD!! I can’t imagine how scary that had to be for all of you and I can’t get over what a miracle it is that you are all fine. You had some very busy angels working overtime yesterday!

  5. I am so so glad you are ok and your family walked away. I can’t imagine how traumatized all of you must be, especially your poor husband! Isn’t it funny how major things like this put so quickly into perspective the important things in life? Thanks for checking in!

  6. Amazing, amazing, amazing. What a miracle, Thank God you are all okay.

  7. SOOOOO glad you are alright. I’ve been checking and rechecking your blog in the last 24 hours…but figured it might be awhile before you’d feel up to posting anything. Thanks for sharing your story. God had his hand on your family…and for that I am truly thankful. 😉

  8. What a blessing. I’m so thankful your family is as well as everyone is.

  9. I’m glad to hear that you are all okay. Keep us posted. (((HUGS)))

  10. Cindy

    What a miracle. WE are all so glad your family is okay. If you need anything just holler!

  11. Nicole

    Wow. How terrifying for you guys. I’m so relieved you’re all ok. All the YW leaders were praying for you guys. I hope you recover well… physically and emotionally. We’ll be by with freezer meals later this week. xoxo

  12. Wow! That’s scary. Glad to know you’re all okay. And, as you point out, things can be replaced.

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