Twelve (and a Half) Weeks

I suppose that I need to break my silent streak. It hasn’t been a conscious decision to not write. Part of it has had to do with how tired I am by the end of the day (a common pregnancy thing for me), and part of it–I think–has had to do with some lack of desire to delve too deeply into my own mind at the moment. Whatever. I need to get over it.

Last week, I had my first appointment with one of my midwives (for those who weren’t with me for the last pregnancy, I go to a practice with one OB/GYN and two certified nurse midwives). Can I just say how much I love this practice? First, when the nurse was doing my vitals, she asked if I was planning on doing the early pregnancy testing. When I told her I don’t do it, she said, “oh, good.” She caught herself quickly and said, “Well, I mean, most people who do it do it so they can do something if there is a problem.” I totally understood what she was saying–that’s why I don’t do the testing. I would never terminate a pregnancy, so why bother doing the early testing to see if there is something wrong?

Then the midwife came in. After some joking about how quickly I was back, she asked where my other kids were. I told her that my mother was watching them–an easy thing since she lives next door. “Oh, I do remember that,” she told me. “Your parents live next door, and you have vibrators in the attic!” Yep, we have built a relationship, although she was wrong. I keep the vibrator in the basement.  And if you know me and are absolutely confused by any reference to vibrators, read this post. I told her about it in the hospital after E~ was born–yes, it actually did go with a conversation we were having–and she ended up printing off the pictures and taking them to the office. When I went in for my six-week follow-up after E~ was born, the whole office knew me as the lady with the vibrator (lovely!).

After all of the initial first appointment loveliness (and her shock that I was still nursing after seeing the bruising on my chest), we got into the fun stuff. Based on the ultrasound done in the emergency room, she estimated my due date at August 3rd. Then, she pulled out the Doppler and we listened to a very healthy sounding heartbeat–when she could find it. The baby, apparently, was active. I needed that. I needed to hear that heartbeat again–to hear that the baby was active. I needed to know that everything was still ok.

Which brings me to today, and how I’m starting to feel like I ‘ve got some sort of target on me this pregnancy. I started to notice yesterday that all of my kids were sporting rosy cheeks. We’ve all had a cold, so I didn’t really think about it too much. This morning, N~ looks like he’s been slapped on both sides of the face. That’s when I remembered something. A quick check of The Baby Book(by Dr. Sears–the single most useful book you could ever own if you have small children) confirmed what I thought I remembered: a “slapped cheek” rash is a hallmark sign of fifth’s disease. Fifth’s is a really common childhood illness that is absolutely no big deal–unless you are pregnant. If a woman gets it when she is pregnant, it can be passed on to the baby and can cause serious complications. Great.

I don’t know for sure if that is what my kids have and I honestly have no intention of taking them to the doctor since there is absolutely no treatment for it. I did, however, call my OB’s office and am going to get a blood test to see if I’m already immune to Fifth’s. Chances are good that I am–like chickenpox, once you’ve had it you are immune and most people get it in childhood. Still, this is honestly one stress that I just don’t need right now. 

But, for now, all is well. Life is getting back to normal. I am almost out of the first trimester, which amazes me. I haven’t had too much morning sickness for a couple of weeks (funny how you stop noticing nausea when the rest of your body hurts). I’m heading into the easy trimester.

Please, let it be easy.



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8 responses to “Twelve (and a Half) Weeks

  1. Nancy

    Welcome back to the blogosphere.

  2. That vibrator is hilarious. I’m glad that you’re feeling okay. :o)

  3. I’m so glad you’re back…and that you’re doing well. We’ll be praying for an easy trimester…and for no one else to get sick.

  4. Nicole

    I’ve missed you! I always look forward to your posts. 🙂 I’m so glad you’re almost into your 2nd trimester. I hope you and the baby stay healthy!

  5. I can only imagine what I’d be thinking/feeling after what you went through last week… but I’m glad you are back on your blog. And I’m glad the baby has a nice healthy heartbeat and lots of activity. Praying for you and the baby that you have immunity to 5ths and the rest of your pregnancy will be totally uneventful!

  6. You’ve had quite the first trimester, I forgive you whole heartedly for not blogging more ;). May your future trimesters be absolutely uneventful bliss!

  7. I hope the rest of your pregnancy is the best EVER. You certainly deserve it.

  8. Sending you good pregnancy prayers!

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