Someday Computers Will Rule the World

This year, for Christmas, Sean got me a Tom Tom. During the drive to Florida and back, we became complete converts to the technology. Not only could the Tom Tom tell us how to get where we were going, but with the press of a button it would show us hotels when we needed them and give us the phone number to call ahead and see if they had rooms available. Absolutely freakin’ brilliant. I fell in love.

Then, our car got drug upside down through water and my new Tom Tom met an ignominious death.

A couple of days ago, my replacement Tom Tom showed up. Before taking a trip about an hour from home today, I popped it out of its packaging and hooked it up in the car. Bliss!

As we drove home this evening, there were quite a few police out. At one point, I noticed Sean slowing down right as we were passing one (he wasn’t going fast, but we were in a construction zone…). As we went by, my natural instinct to check if the cop pulled out kicked in.

I looked at the Tom Tom.

I kid you not, for a brief moment there I fully expected to see a little cop car on the screen, either sitting by the road or pulling out behind us.

Yes, people, computers are taking over the world.

Speaking of which…

Last night, Sean rented the movie Eagle Eye for us to watch. It had very much of a “computers taking over the world” theme. I give it a hearty ehhhh. However, as I struggled to suspend my disbelief, something kept jumping out at me. Well, actually, they kept rolling and bursting into flames. I’m talking about cars. Specifically the numerous cars that wrecked in flipping, fiery balls throughout the movie.

Last night, I was back on the couch, sleeping with the television on.



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2 responses to “Someday Computers Will Rule the World

  1. We also have Tom Tom. Love it. I like using it around town, just because I can. :o)

  2. We love our Tom Tom, too, but we always joke that using it makes you dumber. (Seen the episode of The Office where Michael follows his into a lake?) Now that we have it, though, we wouldn’t be without it!

    Sorry about the nightmare-inducing lame-o movie. 😦

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