Fourteen Weeks (The Soundtrack of My Life)

Do events in your life ever inspire a song in your heart? You know, like when you watch your college roommate head out the door with a guy who is so obviously not for her and you spend the rest of the day singing, “I’m Just a Girl Who Can’t Say No”?

Yeah. The past couple of days, I can’t get the jingle to Hungry, Hungry Hippos out of my head.

It’s a race, it’s a chase, open up and feed your face…

As I enter the fourteenth week of my pregnancy, I have developed a serious desire to eat. All. the. time. Yesterday, I consumed a ridiculous amount of sour dough bread. Today, I couldn’t resist my desire for comfort food. And, by “comfort food,” I mean anything covered in gravy.

Mmmmm, rich, meaty, liquid yumminess…

Fortunately, so far, it doesn’t seem to be showing. In general, I’m barely showing anything at this point. I can see the difference, but only if I’m stretching my clothes across my stomach. If I had decided to go along with Sean’s evil plan, our families probably still wouldn’t even know I’m pregnant (he suggested just waiting until someone noticed and said something about it). I keep wondering when I will look pregnant. My sister-in-law is starting too, but she is five weeks ahead of me. Of course, she is also two pregnancies behind me. I’m never quite sure what to expect. When I was pregnant with Wyatt, I really didn’t look pregnant until I was six months along. It hasn’t taken that long since then, but I do seem to stay small early on. I always laugh as my midwives tell me that I may just get my small baby. Then I pretty much explode at the end, and birth nine pound monsters.

In other pregnancy news…

My OB/midwives office called this afternoon with the results of my test for Fifth’s Disease (so called because, at the time it got the name, it was the fifth most common childhood disease–original, huh?). There is nothing better than being told that you are immune to Parvovirus (what causes Fifth’s). Seriously, as someone with three dogs, it is just a little funny to be told that you don’t have Parvo (yes, the dog Parvovirus is different than the Fifth’s disease one). Anyhow, I am over the moon happy to know that even if my kids had Fifth’s disease, it shouldn’t be a concern for the baby. One less thing to feel paranoid about.

And, with one less thing to occupy my brain capacity, I ventured last night into territory that I swore I wasn’t going into this early. I brought up the subject of names with Sean. He definitely has an opinion on a boy’s name this time. The past two pregnancies, we had planned on Laila if it was a girl. Sean said he isn’t “feeling” that name so much this time. When I told my mom that, she all but jumped for joy (she’s never “felt” it). Then, I told her the girl’s name that he and I were talking about.

She’s now rooting for Laila.



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5 responses to “Fourteen Weeks (The Soundtrack of My Life)

  1. Jenn

    Fun! I love reading your blogs. You are a great writer and it shows in your blogs! You are a cute pregnant gal…it’ll be fun to see you grow – rather, see your baby grow inside you.

  2. I’ve never heard the name “Laila” before. Where did you hear that? I don’t know about you – but I have tons of boy names and struggle with girl names. Funny, especially since I have two girls and one boy. ;o)

  3. Shad and I had a horrible time naming each of the four kids. We went around and around and AROUND about the names. We negotiated, begged, threatened…just about anything to get our way. In the end we compromised.
    I named Alek and Nick…Shad named Anya and Maddie. (I have no idea how I could have EVER agreed to let him name the girls!) Of course the other had veto power…but thankfully we used it only in extreme circumstances. (i.e. – Shad wanted to name Anya, ‘Candy’. Sorry…not going there. A nice name in the 70s…not so much in the 00s. ;>)

  4. Nancy

    “She’s now rooting for Laila.”

    Both an understatement and an overstatement. I still don’t “feel it” for Laila, but on the other name. I told your Dad about it over supper and had to repeat it three times before he realized what I was saying and what he was hearing were the same thing. He and I shared the same reaction.

    We named our kids what we wanted, you do the same. We will adjust.

  5. Jill,

    The name “Laila” (Muhammed Ali’s daughter is the only one I’ve seen who uses that spelling, but I like it), is more commonly spelled Leila or Layla. Think of the old Eric Clapton song (–that’s what my mom does, and why she doesn’t like it.

    We always have a much harder time with boy names. Go figure.

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