He’s Lucky He’s Not in Trouble

This morning, Sean asked me to get my remaining diamond earring (you know, the one that wasn’t ripped out of my ear and lost during the car crash last month) so he could stop by our favorite jewelry store and get it appraised while he was out today (insurance wouldn’t cover it until we proved how much it was worth). Wanting to make sure it stayed safe, I emptied everything else out of my little jewelry carrier and handed it to him with the earring securely inside.

This afternoon, he called to tell me that the appraisal had been done. It was quite favorable. He bought me those earrings eight or ten years ago from the same jeweler he went to today. Based on the remaining earring, she appraised the lost one for significantly more than what he bought the pair for back then (keeping in mind that appraisals tend to be for what it would cost to replace it at one of those overpriced mall stores—we go to this place because she is awesome and her prices are so much less). The extremely practical side of me thought, “Cool! I can replace my earring and use anything left over for practical things.” I asked him if he talked to her about how much it would be to replace the lost earring through her. He said, “No, there are always so many variables with those things, I figured I’d let you take care of that.”

When Sean got home from work this evening, he immediately handed me my jewelry case. I opened it to be sure my earring was still securely in its place.

It was gone.

“Um, Dear, my earring isn’t in here.”

His eyes got big.


I just stared as he started feeling around in his pockets. Right before I lost it, he pulled out this:




OK, I couldn’t manage a good picture. Anyhow…

He explained that it was a whole new pair (um, yeah, I noticed). They are bigger than my old earrings and the diamonds are better quality. Um, yeah, my practical plans were soundly thwarted.

So, he started with explanations about wanting to replace a bad memory with something happy and exciting (delivered with an entirely straight face). Whatever. “Practical” had already been replaced by ooooh, sparkly.

Later, he asked me if I liked them. The best I could come up with was, “Um, I feel like a rapper.” Seriously. I’m feeling rather mug-able right now. They are gorgeous.




Of course, I have to send them back to the jewelers after this weekend. He wants to take her advice and have them reset in a white gold martini setting instead of the traditional gold setting they are in now. She said that it would make the setting disappear so it looks like the diamonds are just floating on my ears. OK, I can live with that.

Needless to say, he’s not getting any crap about Chuck-E-Cheese tomorrow.



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6 responses to “He’s Lucky He’s Not in Trouble

  1. He’s a keeper…and the earrings too! 🙂

  2. Nancy

    That will make Chuck-E-Cheese a lot easier to put up with.

  3. Ooo, shiny things. Nice bling!

  4. Who needs practicality when you can have diamonds?! You’ve got one smart husband.

    Your ears look beautiful!

  5. That is simply awesome. You are so lucky!

  6. Beautiful earrings! What a sweet hubby you have. 🙂

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