My Super Romantic Life

So, we all know what tomorrow is, right? A day for hearts and flowers and cards and romance.

Oh! That reminds me! I heard a story on the news yesterday that a study had been done showing that attraction has nothing to do with “romance” and is based entirely on hormones and biological preferences. You like who you like because thousands of years of evolution have told you what the right type of person for you to breed with will be.


Let’s say that is true. Is it going to affect what you do tomorrow night? Or who you do it with?

Sadly, I’ll have no such luck. My Valentine’s Day is already set in stone. And, this year, we are setting the bar for Valentine’s Day. And we are setting it depressingly low.

My Valentine’s Day dinner will be at Chuck-E-Cheese.

That’s right, we’re going where a kid can be a kid—and a parent can attempt to block the whole experience out with beer if they feel so inclined. Were I even remotely the drinking type, I would be so inclined.

Now, before you decide that my poor husband is an absolute clod, I’ll let you know that he’s just as excited about the prospect as I am. We did not choose this particular fate. We just happen to have a niece with a birthday on Monday. Since we don’t do things like go to birthday parties at Chuck-E-Cheese on Sunday, it was scheduled for tomorrow night to respect our religious beliefs. And ruin any chance at romance on Valentine’s Day. Ahhh, sometimes the right thing ends up being the sucky thing.

So, do you all have romantic plans for Valentine’s Day? Come on, let me live vicariously through you.

I know, I know. After reading this, you’re just thinking, Dude, as long as hubby doesn’t plan something involving hundreds of over-stimulated kids and a giant, dancing rat, he’s getting lucky.



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4 responses to “My Super Romantic Life

  1. So, are you two going to celebrate during the day or tonight instead?

  2. Ummm…would you believe I have the exact same plans as you? Except in my case its my daughter’s birthday (Ellie turns 5 today) and I’m dragging the rest of my family with me! 🙂 If its any consolation I am looking forward to this experience as much as any other adult in my family. I think I’d rather have my face pelted with pepper spray. Oh well…this is what I signed up for.

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  4. Nicole

    To be honest, we’re not really big on Valentine’s Day. For two reasons… we don’t like the idea of the greeting card companies telling us when we celebrate our love. (I know it’ s a bit unconventional and weird), but that’s kind of how we feel. And also, after Christmas, our anniversary, my birthday, and his birthday all occuring within 1 month… we’re pretty much lovey dovey’d out! So we’ll probably have a nice dinner or something… but we certainly don’t go all out. 🙂 Anyway, I hope you guys have fun with the fam! And those earrings are beautiful!

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