Ready for Spring

Yesterday afternoon, it got above fifty degrees in my area. I gleefully told my kids that they could put on their shoes and go outside to play—no jackets required.

The long, cold winter has obviously messed with them. During the summer, I can barely force them to stay inside when there are raging storms outside. Yesterday, on a gorgeous day? They did NOT want to be bothered with going out.

Too. Freakin’. Bad.

I informed them that they WOULD put on their shoes, and they WOULD go outside. And, ten minutes later, when they said they were ready to come in? I told them they WOULD keep playing outside until Daddy came home (an hour later). And then I enjoyed the beauty of having sent all four children out to play.

Yes, you read that right. I even sent out the baby.

Now, before you go trying to match my comments up to your map widget to figure out where I live and report me to Children’s Services, let me explain. My kitchen has a door in it. That door leads to the beautiful, large deck that my husband and father built a few summers ago. A deck that they built with a very secure gate. I like to think of it as a giant, outdoor playpen.

While the older boys climbed their favorite tree, scrubbed their little red wagon, and used a fallen tree in our woods as a balance beam, Eli happily toddled around and watched what his brothers were doing. I put a ball and a walker toy out for him to play with, although I must admit he was a little more fascinated by the plastic bottles in the recycle bin.

My boys got some much needed fresh air and my kitchen got tidied up while I watched their progress and cooked dinner. It was a beautiful thing.

This morning, I woke up and could tell that it was already shaping up to be another warm day. I was so excited at the prospect that I walked around opening windows and turning off the furnace. Then, I looked at the weather bar on my computer and realized that it was only 43 degrees outside.

You know what? I decided that I just didn’t care. The furnace stayed off and the windows stayed open all day long. My house never got too cold, and I got to enjoy some fresh air, which probably helped me as proceeded to never stop moving for the rest of the day.

I’m not one who usually feels inspired towards some big Spring cleaning. Truth be told, I really don’t enjoy the task of cleaning at all and am frequently overwhelmed trying to keep up with the messes that my kids make. But the prospect of having somewhere around thirty-five people in my house for a birthday party this weekend? Yeah, I’ll get my butt cleaning for that.

Originally, my goal was to get the upstairs carpets cleaned this morning while Sean’s grandmother was here hanging out with the kids (life lesson 5,600,032: carpet should NEVER be put in an area where small children eat on a regular basis). It took me all morning to get everything picked up, vacuumed, scrubbed, furniture moved, and scrubbed some more.

By the time the kids’ quiet time rolled around, I definitely had earned a break.

I didn’t take it.

The rest of my day was spent clearing off those surfaces and corners where the clutter accumulates, dusting, sorting through and throwing away stuff from the accident that we had held onto for insurance purposes, and working more on my kitchen (which still isn’t done). All day long—I never quit moving.

I finally stopped when it was time for the kids to go to bed. My body is acknowledging all that it has done today. My back problems are starting to complain at me. I’m ready for a good night’s rest.

So I can do it all again tomorrow.



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6 responses to “Ready for Spring

  1. Can you come over to my house when you’re done? ;>) Hope your back is feeling better tomorrow.

  2. I need an outdoor playpen.

  3. Nancy

    Glad I wasn’t at your house yesterday. Windows open at 43 degrees? Yikes!

    • Mom,

      My thermostat never read below 65, which is where I normally keep it, anyhow. You forget how few of my windows actually open. And it was up in the fifties for most of the day.


      Playdough is the bane of my existence! I cringe every time I give it to them because I know that I’m going to be on my hands and knees pulling little bits out of the carpet.

      And, of course, it rained last night so I had the joy of watching muddy-pawed dogs walking into the house today. *Sigh*

  4. Nicole

    I can so relate to this post. The carpet thing especially! Our dining room is carpeted, and I can’t believe I didn’t think a thing of it when we bought the house. When we move, hardwood floors in the dining area will be one of my top priorities!

  5. Christina

    I am SO ready for spring. Especially the send-the-kids-outside-for-hours part. Not so much the deep cleaning part, though it sure does feel good when it’s done. Y’know, until the kids drop more food on the carpet. (or playdough, as my darling daughter did this week. Yellow playdough, ground into the utility-style carpet. UGH.)

    Hope the birthday bash is a lot of fun!

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