First Birthday

Today, my baby is one year old. It just doesn’t seem possible. On one hand, it just seems unbelievable that Eli could already be one. On the other hand, it seems like forever ago that he was born. Either way, it just doesn’t seem real.

Of course, it doesn’t help that he suddenly seems so much older to me. In the past couple of weeks, he has gone from crawling almost everywhere to barely crawling at all. Those first unsure steps have turned into borderline running after his brothers. He has started playing more with his brothers. And, oh my gosh, he’s becoming pretty obstinate about defending his turf. If one of the brothers tries to take something of his, he holds on tight and yells for all he is worth. No one is going to walk all over this kid.

As willing as he is to stand up for himself, Eli is still a super sweet little boy. He gives big hugs. He gives big, sloppy kisses. He laughs at his own silliness and smiles devilishly at his mischievousness. He loves to snuggle—me, Sean, his brothers, he spreads the love around.

I am truly blessed to have this little boy in my life.

We threw a first birthday party for him yesterday. I’m really not one to do the big parties where you invite everyone your kid has ever interacted with. We generally just keep birthday parties a family affair. Of course, for us, a “family affair” ends up being around thirty people (we were expecting 35…).

In the past, I have spent the day of a party running frantically from one thing to another trying to have everything cleaned up, prepared, decorated, etc. The last party we did, I didn’t even manage to dry my hair before everyone showed up because I was so stressed with preparations.

Yesterday? I painted my toenails.

I got the house cleaned up (carpets scrubbed, walls washed, clutter put away, kitchen and bathrooms cleaned…) in the days leading up to the party. I did the grocery shopping and baked the cake the night before. I woke up Saturday knowing that the main things were already taken care of.

That isn’t to say that I didn’t stay busy most of the day with preparations. The cake still needed to be decorated. The ferret cage needed cleaned. The daily flotsam and jetsam (added to by two cousins hanging out most of the morning) needed to be cleaned up. But, really, it wasn’t stressful. Someone remind me that this is the way to do it when it is time for another birthday party (hmm, that would be less than a month from now).

The evening was nice. The kids played downstairs, which made it easier for the adults to interact somewhat peacefully upstairs. Eli was absolutely adorable opening his presents. He decided that the tissue paper was the coolest thing ever and started belly flopping on the gift bags in an effort to get to it and wave it around. And the cake? He picked it up with both hands and shoved the whole thing in his face. It was awesome.

Happy birthday, sweet boy.



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3 responses to “First Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday Eli!

    Flotsam and jetsam – love it.

  2. Happy Birthday Eli!!!!!

  3. M.

    Aww, it is hard to believe! and now another one on the way…

    Happiest of birthdays to you, Eli!

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