Eighteen Weeks

Fist off, there will be no belly picture this week. I tried. Really, I did. But, between the baby snot-covered shirt, lame ponytail, and lack of desire to do anything about these issues, I’m just not willing to post any of the results. You are just going to have to believe me when I say that there hasn’t been any really significant change since last week.

If I were further along in my pregnancy, I would think that (for once) I were nesting. I wrote once on another blog about the fact that I have never really developed a nesting instinct.  Really, I tend not to think too far ahead of what I will need to have in my hospital bag—the rest will take care of itself. And the frenzied cleaning before labor? Never happens. Not even a little.

This week, though? I’ve been cleaning like a mad woman. Yeah, it started with wanting to be ready for the birthday party. But, come on, did I honestly think that anyone who came was going to run a finger along the top of my refrigerator to check for dust grime? And, since the party, I have been dead set on not losing ground. I have gone from napping most days when the kids have quiet time (because I’m always so tired) to using that time to clean. Today, I folded all of the laundry (several loads worth) while the kids were down and washed more. I just need for the order to remain.

With any luck, the urge will continue and I’ll make more ground. At this rate, I could have the organized house and freezer full of premade meals that I’ve always dreamed of for those first few weeks with a newborn. Or, I could hit the third trimester and turn into the huge, round, tired lump that I usually become.

Really, it could go either way.



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3 responses to “Eighteen Weeks

  1. Let’s hope for the clean house with pre-made meals, shall we? 😉

  2. Nancy

    If you don’t get the pre-made meals, who you gonna call? Mom!

    I’m here.

  3. Hey!

    Love that you’re nesting NOW after all this time! BTW I went back a few weeks to catch a glimpse of your 17 weeks photo and you look FANTASTIC.

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